Jingdong Health 2021 performance announcement: total revenue of 30.68 billion yuan net profit growth of 91.5%

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On March 28, 2022, JINGdong Health Co., LTD. (stock abbreviation: “Jingdong Health”, 6618.HK) released the announcement of 2021 annual results.As of December 31, 2021, jd Health had 123 million annual active users, a net increase of 33.56 million active users compared to 2020.During the reporting period, jd Health’s total revenue was 30.68 billion yuan, up 58.3% year on year, among which service revenue increased 72.7%.Non-ifrs net profit reached 1.40 billion yuan, up 91.5% year on year;Nationwide, the number of drug warehouses and non-drug warehouses increased to 19 and more than 400, respectively. 80% of self-run drug orders were delivered next day.Jingdong Health Internet Hospital receives more than 190,000 daily inquiries.On the whole, JINGdong Health achieved high-quality and rapid development in 2021, with a number of core indicators exceeding market expectations.Based on the medical and health products supply chain as the core, medical services, digital drive and communities in the whole life cycle of the user of the whole scene of health management enterprise “strategic positioning, jingdong health continues to focus on retail pharmacy business, medical and health services, the business areas such as number of mental health, accelerate the cooperation with industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, to build a more complete health and ecological system,We will promote the in-depth integration of digital technology and the real economy in the field of health.Jingdong health CEO Jin Enlin said: “in the past year, jingdong health following relevant policy guidance, insist on long-term value, improving health services and open their own ‘retail pharmacy +’ ecological capacity, to help the industry chain entities within the enterprise and the transformation and upgrading of the formats, make the high quality of health care products and services to benefit the wider community;By providing professional supply chain and technical solutions, we serve government departments and medical institutions in more and more regions, helping the implementation of Healthy China.”In the retail pharmacy business, JINGdong Health adheres to the operation mode combining self-management, online platform and omni-channel layout, continues to enrich product categories, further improve the performance time limit and consolidate the ability of omni-channel supply chain;At the same time, we will work with partners to build a new ecosystem of “Internet plus Medicine”.During the reporting period, JD Health further improved its supply chain management ability and efficiency. As of December 31, 2021, JD Health used 19 drug warehouses and more than 400 non-drug warehouses of JD Logistics nationwide, and 80% of its self-run drug orders reached the next day.At the same time, the “self-run drug cold chain” of JINGdong Pharmacy has covered more than 200 cities in China, effectively realizing the expansion of cold chain drug types and the improvement of performance ability.In 2021, JD Health will further deepen cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies such as Yoshtime China, Sanofi China, Laurel Pharmaceutical, Novartis, Gilead Sciences, And Baiji Shenzhou. New special drugs of many pharmaceutical companies will be launched online in JD Pharmacy, and a number of digital marketing projects will be jointly explored.During the reporting period, JINGdong Health provides more competitive service strategies and development opportunities for many brands such as medical devices, nutrition and health care, tonic health care and so on.For example, JD Health realizes the connection between hundreds of health monitoring devices and Internet medical services through innovative digitalized health management solutions.Co-brand launched “JINGdong Health Special Medical food Action” to provide users with customized family doctor services for scientific supplementary nutrition needs;In conjunction with the Chinese Academy of Inspection and Quarantine and leading brands in the industry, to create a commodity standard and certification system to promote the quality improvement of a number of tonic categories.During the reporting period, jd Health online platform had more than 18,000 third-party merchants, which further improved the category richness and supply capacity of medicine and health products.All-channel service “JINGdong Medicine Urgent delivery” through the merchant self-distribution, platform distribution, city delivery and other ways to fulfill the contract, give full play to the efficiency of aggregation capacity, has joined hands with about 50,000 pharmacy stores, in more than 300 cities in the country to provide users with full time door-to-door delivery service.Daily visits online consulting amount exceeds 190000 medical and health services experience constantly optimize the, jingdong health cover has built the whole scene, ecological, medical and health services of the integration of online and by connecting more high-quality medical resources, enhance the professional service ability, more and more users with multi-level, diversified medical and health services.During the reporting period, JD Health successively established 9 specialized centers including infection and liver disease center, Brain nutrition Center and skin repair Center, bringing the total number of specialized centers to 27.Jingdong Health Internet Hospital has settled more than 45,000 doctors with associate chief physician titles or above.The daily number of online consultations has continued to rise to more than 190,000.During the reporting period, jingdong Health’s strategic service product “Jingdong Medical” comprehensively integrates medical service resources and supply chain capabilities, and has become an important starting point of Jingdong Health medical services and a new service entrance of family health management.Among them, JEDong Medical launched the “telephone home doctor” service and the audio and video consultation function that supports multiple parties online at the same time, and exported medical resources and service capabilities to more scenarios such as intelligent hardware and grassroots communities.Relying on in-store and home service, JD Health has realized the full coverage of medical and health services from online to offline, helping consumers more easily access various health services including physical examination, medical cosmetology, oral and dental medicine, nucleic acid testing and vaccine appointment.During the reporting period, JD Health also cooperates with Novae Health, Pansheng, BGI and other brands to create a one-stop service ecology for early screening of serious diseases, including self-test products, report interpretation, outpatient appointment, rehabilitation management, etc.With several public hospitals and accelerate the Internet hospital medical health industry for intellectualization transformation jingdong with local government, medical institutions, enterprises and other parties to cooperation, to provide customized for intellectualization solutions, assist regional health care system to accelerate the information connectivity, implement the “health” Internet + service ability, promote the digital industry transformation.During the reporting period, JD Health cooperated with a number of public hospitals to carry out smart hospital project cooperation.Among them, JINGdong Health and the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine jointly built the first Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine jingdong Internet Hospital. By the end of 2021, the total number of registered patients is nearly 150,000, and the service scope covers 31 provincial administrative regions of China.Jingdong Health has also built an Internet hospital with Peking University Shougang Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Cangzhou Central Hospital and Taicang First People’s Hospital.At the same time, JD Health has also made important progress and achievements in promoting regional smart medical care and health information connectivity.Among them, JINGdong Health helped the national medical security information platform to go online smoothly in Suqian, realizing the comprehensive coverage of all 3,347 designated medical institutions and designated pharmacies in Suqian, serving 5.29 million insured people in the city, and greatly improving the medical purchasing experience of insured people.In addition, JINGdong Health also applies the accumulated capacity and resources to more fields in the form of solutions. For example, jingdong Health launched the enterprise digital health management platform “E Enterprise Health” APP, which provides comprehensive medical and health services and rich medical and health products for employees’ health management needs.Services more than 24000 rare diseases Real practice of corporate social responsibility has always been, jingdong health as health enterprise social responsibility actively, by creating innovative service mode and mechanism for public good and is committed to its practical results and ability in the field of health care resources, serving the people, by the people of a sudden need,And with their own practice to promote the development of the industry more standardized, standardized, professional.Jingdong Health launched its “Jingdong Health Public Welfare Platform” in December 2021, covering a number of public welfare health services, including public welfare assistance, medical guidance, love medicine, online free diagnosis and so on.At the same time, Jingdong Health established the “Jingdong Health Rare Disease Care Fund” through the “Jingdong Pharmacy Rare Disease Care Center” to help alleviate the difficulties in diagnosis and treatment of rare disease groups and the difficulty in obtaining medicines.In 2021, a total of more than 24,000 patients with rare diseases purchased rare disease drugs required by JINGdong Health, and nearly 70% of them continued to obtain disease management services related to rare diseases through “Care Center for Rare Diseases of Jingdong Pharmacy”.Jingdong Health has constantly optimized its emergency response and support mechanism in response to the normal prevention and control of COVID-19, natural disasters and other emergencies.For example, in the face of the severe rainstorm in Henan province, JINGdong Health immediately launched flood control assistance activities, provided 24-hour free online health consultation, organized offline medical rescue teams to rush to the front line of disaster relief, and collected medicines and medical supplies to help in an emergency.Recently, in response to the spread of COVID-19 in many parts of the country, JINGdong Health took immediate action to guarantee the supply of drugs and disinfection and epidemic prevention products, and donated materials to some areas where the epidemic prevention situation was serious.Open free online health consultation services to provide convenient and professional protection for people’s home protection.Jingdong Health always pays attention to and promotes the healthy development of the industry.Jingdong Health has built a drug use safety system covering the whole process and the whole scene before, during and after drug purchase. Based on relevant national laws and regulations, jingdong Health has formulated drug use safety management methods that are higher than industry standards and stricter than regulatory requirements.It also led the establishment of “Jingdong Health Internet Medical Expert Committee” to provide entrusted professional medical and health services to users by promoting the formulation of Internet specialist diagnosis and treatment standards and forming medical quality control standards.Looking forward to 2022, the medical and health industry will usher in a new round of development opportunities as relevant departments strengthen industry norms and guide “Internet + Medical and health” to achieve high-quality development.Based on the practical experience since its listing, JD Health has further clarified the company’s business philosophy, which is “value creation worthy of trust and centered on user health”.In future development, jingdong health will uphold the business philosophy, adhere to “become a national chief steward” mission, to user needs as the starting point and the foothold, around the “healthy China” be born development, services broadly health requirements, the acceleration of power pratt &whitney medical implementation, for the society, industry and people create long-term, sustainable value.