Money addict also want to divide time, this situation or save life important

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Life is more important than anything for everyone. Everyone has only one life. Recently, a fire broke out in the home of a resident of a residential area in Kunming, Yunnan province.A woman was trapped inside.After receiving the alarm, the fire rescue personnel rushed to the scene to rescue.According to the residents who participated in the rescue, the woman was trapped in her home because she did not want to part with her money.Fortunately, the fire was put out in time and the woman was rescued.The old saying is that money is nothing in the face of life but in reality it is……On January 21, 2021, the roof of a residential building in Anyuan district, Pingxiang City caught fire due to smoked bacon.The homeowner was putting out the fire with buckets and was too emotional to leave the scene.Due to the fierce fire at the scene, there is a certain danger, fire and rescue personnel persuasion failed, forced to take it away from the scene, escorted to a safe area.After more than 30 minutes of intense fighting, the fire will be successfully put out.2 At 9:00 on May 10, 2018, a house caught fire in Nanan city, Quanzhou, Fujian Province.Fire and rescue personnel and police station together to deal with the scene, but the house owner Chen did not listen to dissuasion, reluctant to leave.After many times of persuasion, Chen couldn’t help crying, the original fire room bathroom ceiling hidden tens of thousands of dollars, worth more than 200,000 yuan.Chen hid the money in the bathroom ceiling without telling his family.See toilet fire, dry anxious he finally in the fire and rescue personnel and police advised to tell the whole story, to avoid greater losses.Luliang fire remind you don’t love fire property when you unfortunately encounter their own unable to put out the fire, the first time in mind should be the most effective escape method and route rather than to take those valuable things remember “don’t take things, run”