Practicing the livelihood of police to promote the governance of the public Security Bureau In Accordance with the law to improve the quality and efficiency of law enforcement

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To enhance the legal literacy of the whole police and strengthen the construction of legal culture;Practice the people’s livelihood police concept, strengthen the service guarantee of the rule of law;Highlighting the fight against epidemic prevention and control to ensure social harmony and stability…Has won the “2016-2020 national governance according to law to create advanced unit” title of lawn branch of public security tip, perfecting the system construction, focus on promoting the work of public security under the rule of law and law enforcement credibility, implements the quality of law enforcement and law enforcement efficiency “double increase”, is the only province has won the title of the public security organs.In recent years, in order to improve the ability of law-based governance, the Public Security Bureau of Jiancaao Branch has actively improved the system construction and built a model of “intelligent rule of law” based on the construction of “three standards” of informatization.High standard law enforcement and case handling centers will be built, and intelligent case handling areas will be built in Huifeng, Xincheng and Nanzhai police stations.The People’s Procuratorate of Jiancaocao District was set up in the sub-bureau and dispatched to the procuratorial office to strengthen the closed-loop supervision of the whole process of case handling;Implement full-time and part-time legal officer system to perfect the law enforcement supervision responsibility system;The Regulations for On-site Disposal of Public Security Police Situations and the Implementation Rules for Strengthening the Case handling by The Team leaders have been formulated to steadily promote the rapid handling of cases filed and administrative cases, and promote the construction of standardized law enforcement.In order to improve the legal literacy of the police, the Jiancaocao Branch of the Public Security Bureau took the actual combat training of the police as the carrier to increase the training of the police’s law enforcement business and actual combat ability, so as to establish the law enforcement image and law enforcement credibility of the public security organ.Through the special rectification activities of “Correct law enforcement and judicial concept, Improve law enforcement and judicial style” and law enforcement “look back”, the hidden problems of law enforcement were rectified in a timely manner. At the same time, the working Committee of Safeguarding police law enforcement authority was set up to build an integrated system of “strike, prevent and guarantee” for police rights protection.We will practice the concept of policing the people’s livelihood and strengthen legal services.The Jiancaocao Branch of the Public Security Bureau insists on developing the “Fengqiao experience” in the new era, and constantly explores and innovates the police work mechanism that satisfies the masses.Through the “one million police into ten million” activities, the tentacles of police work extended to communities and villages, visited public opinion, listened to the voice of the people, and carried out in-depth investigation and resolution of conflicts and disputes;By learning from “Fengqiao experience” and establishing “three Zero” units, we can effectively improve people’s sense of security and happiness, and provide high-quality and efficient legal guarantee for security and stability maintenance, project tackling and public opinion guidance.Social harmony people peace, by the rule of law guard.With a close focus on the main business of combating crime and prevention, the Public Security Bureau of Jiancaao branch has taken the “Anti-mafia and evil” special struggle, the people’s War against drugs, and the crackdown on new types of illegal and criminal activities in the telecommunications network as the main line.Since the launch of the “Anti-mafia” special struggle in 2018, 11 gangs involved in Mafia and evil have been destroyed, all the existing murder cases have been solved, and a series of new criminal cases such as telecom fraud have been investigated, contributing “lawn experience” to the city’s public security work.Reporter Xin Xin taiyuan Daily