South Korea’s two masters bid farewell to China’s short track team, An Hyeon-soo whereabouts exposure, Wang Meng said as expected

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South Korea’s two top coaches said goodbye to the Chinese short track team, Ahn Hyun-soo’s whereabouts were exposed,Wang meng was right here is a forerunner sports before see trouble you to move the attention of rich hands point a bit don’t money and thumb up so will let more fans to see this video so please donate said let’s straight into the theme today let’s talk about the Beijing Olympics is known at present Beijing Olympic Games has entered the finale of the attention is a big gameShort track speed skating project because our China team in short track speed skating since all previous Olympic projects are large gold medal in the Olympics so everybody can also highly focus on short track speed skating team in two South Korea famous coach under the leadership of a brilliant record but we all know all the short track speed skating on the Olympic winter games after the end of our China team a total of only took two gold MEDALS this knotFruit is obvious but we have to understand that is a lot of people think that the short track speed skating team overall poor performance at the same time we have to admit that from our short track speed skating team squad now configuration to see today’s Chinese short track speed skating team strength is falling too obvious especially women women without a player we have absolute competitive power to shock champions and we also may be inPersonal project has some advantages of all may be the competitiveness of our gold MEDALS but other players are not especially strong enough to show our Chinese short track speed skating team can strong won two gold MEDALS in the games is one of the more well maybe we can get the gold medal is due to our team in two famous Korean coach goldcord coach AnXian taihe technologyThe joint efforts of our South Korea famous short track speed skating coach for the Chinese host the winter games in China has a lot of work now under two contract has been officially expired in February, so from time to see the Olympics after the two people will return to South Korea formally start home with family is a vacation trip for the two people a lot of Chinese netizens are reluctant to go we want them toWill these two famous speed skating coaches come back?At present there is a suspense but facts have proved that the technology is seen as a coach viktor ahn is a very rare future famous coach because he when athletes are world-class short track speed skating athletes retired after come to China to come to China again when the coach is not lost his ability and talent in the future he would have been a world-class name handsome is very easy if he could at the next Olympic cycleReturning to China to coach will help our Chinese short track speed skating team to maintain a good result in the next Olympic Games and the next two Olympic Games this is everyone’s expectation so where is Ahn Hyun-soo going next?Obviously he has formally exposure in one of the most recent news that is before he left China he sent a dynamic statement deep feeling ground to say goodbye to the fans and friends in China at the same time he also said he would soon return home because he has a lot of affection to China before that when he led the Chinese team in the competition by south Korean netizen criticism he and his family grew nervous, “he saidHe will take my family to go to China next vacation because he enjoyed the time spent in China that can see out the next after back to Korea, he will come to China with his family so do not rule out the possibility of his later settle down in China if so you can see he is very deep feelings towards China and we all know that wang meng in winter when translation he short track speed skating team when in ChinaCoach when he purposely put viktor ahn back from Russia, please please do the viktor ahn coach because she is very bullish on China’s technology viktor ahn and he thinks the Chinese short track speed skating team need to keep to the coaching staff fresh blood to make our team to get the guidance of different good coach let our players get more ascension now enough to prove that wang meng really didn’t see the wrong person viktor ahn is aVery responsible coach has deep feelings for China, so we don’t rule out that he will renew his contract with the Chinese team and continue to coach the Chinese team in the future. Let’s wait and see. Today we will stop here first