Child square dancer Zhang Junhao, who made millions at the age of three, has brought his parents to tears

2022-06-14 0 By

Eileen Chang once said, “It is early to become famous.” This is the credo of many parents, who feel that time is passing and young people should seize the opportunity to establish themselves in the future.Speaking of Zhang Junhao, I believe everyone will not be too strange, at the age of 3 debuted, 5 years old was invited to the Spring Festival Gala, on a variety of shows, and even participated in several movies, it can be said that “young fame”, in everyone’s eyes, he is a “child”.He is not a kid, but because of dancing with grandma, he became a “little star” overnight, while his peers are still playing in the mud, he has made millions of foster parents.Busy in various business activities, too much in a short period of time consumption, public and the environment change, make the “favored” mentality, great changes have taken place in character become more defiant, even started learning disabilities, parents is very disappointed about this, they said, they regret his son took to the road, I just hope he can like normal children.In this age of prodigies, competition is becoming more and more fierce, and parents are becoming more and more worried about their children in order to make their children famous as soon as possible, but is it really a good thing?As soon as I heard this theme, I think of Michael Jackson, he debuted at the age of 4, won the championship at the age of 10, better than Zhang Junhao, can be said to be the legend of the entertainment circle, but we only see his appearance, but ignore his heart fragile and sensitive.With all the attention and pressure on him at such a young age, he could easily lose his mind and go astray.Actually, being famous at a young age is not a bad thing, because it can let a child see the outside world, broaden their horizon and cultivate their self-esteem, but if the parents are too utilitarian and instill incorrect values into them, it will “ruin” them.