From now on xi ‘an city to carry out network food safety special action

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Recently, the city of xi ‘an market watchdog issued a circular, from now on to June, zhuhai will launch special action network of food safety, strictly implement the network catering third-party platform main body responsibility, to crack down on online catering services violation behavior, guarantee online meal with standard homogeneous, shipping tableware products quality and safety, the net legal business, catering service providerEnsure access to the network of catering units license rate and information publicity rate of 100%.According to the introduction, the special action will be completed to find out the bottom number of supervision, standardize licensing behavior, standardize distribution behavior and other 9 key tasks.According to the action arrangement, the municipal Market Supervision bureau will strengthen the examination and registration management of online catering.During the special action, the market supervision system will conduct a comprehensive investigation on the third-party platform of online catering service and the online catering service providers in the city, accurately grasp the number, distribution, distribution sites, operating conditions and other relevant information, establish the main body catalog, strengthen dynamic management, list problems, and strengthen risk management.The special action will focus on solving the problems of weak consciousness of responsibility of the third-party platform of online catering, lax examination of the qualifications of online catering service providers, lack of training for food safety specialists and lax implementation of the system such as signing food safety agreements.By urging third-party online catering platforms and online catering service providers to carry out the main responsibility for food safety, the risk control ability in the process of food operation will be enhanced.”Third-party online catering service platforms should conduct on-site checks on newly entered catering service providers to ensure that there are entities operating stores and obtain food business licenses in accordance with the law.”A person in charge of the Municipal Market Supervision Bureau said that third-party platforms should carry out self-inspection of existing catering service providers on the platform and promptly remove unlicensed shops.Urge and guide the platform to strengthen the examination of mobile terminals such as mobile apps to access catering service providers, take advantage of the platform’s technical advantages, establish the database of food business license for catering service providers to access the network, and promote the reminder before the expiration of the license and the extension of the license offline;Strictly audit the food business license and relevant business information uploaded by the online catering service providers to ensure that the public information is complete, true and updated in time;Urge branches, agents, partners and so on to take the initiative to the regulatory authorities for the record, strictly implement the food business license review and other food safety management system.During the special operation, market supervision system will be in urban and rural copula, focused on small dining area such as urban villages, unlicensed operation and beyond operation, not according to stipulations of the public online certification information, such as online inconsistencies, publishing false information, poor sanitation, food source is unknown, the problem such as the use of packaging materials used for food,Fully implement the main responsibility of food safety for catering service providers.Vigorously promote contactless distribution;The third party platform providers of online catering services shall be urged to disclose their complaints and reporting methods.Food delivery personnel are encouraged to report violations of food safety management and food quality and safety found in the process of picking up food from stores;Online catering service providers are encouraged to implement “bright kitchens and bright stoves”, disclose the process of food processing and production on third-party online catering service platforms, and actively accept social supervision.In the course of the operation, the market supervision department shall, according to relevant provisions, seriously investigate and deal with illegal business operations discovered in the course of supervision and inspection.Those who violate the Provisions of the Food Safety Law and constitute a crime will be promptly handed over to the public security organs and investigated for criminal responsibility according to law.@xi ‘an net V editor production editor: Xie Fei Review: Ma Fang final review: Dong Yue statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will deal with in a timely manner.Email address: