Lanzhou Railway: The 48-hour nucleic acid test negative certificate is required for people leaving and returning to The Country

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During our visit on March 27, we learned that lanzhou railway authorities are strictly implementing territorial control measures and epidemic prevention and control measures. At present, all people leaving or returning to Lanzhou need a 48-hour nucleic acid negative certificate, health code and travel code.In the early hours of the morning, the fog machine in Lanzhou West Station roared, white disinfectant with water spray gushing out.Seven team members wearing protective clothing and masks waved the mist machines in their hands and carried out disinfection work in every corner to create a safe and healthy travel environment for passengers.According to lanzhou West station staff, recently, Lanzhou West station invited Lanzhou city pioneer emergency rescue team to the station waiting room, in and out of the station, platform and other areas of the “carpet” elimination.The reporter learned at Lanzhou Railway Station and Lanzhou West Railway Station that during the epidemic, the stations strictly control the entry and exit points, and cooperate with the local government to check the health code, travel card and nucleic acid test negative certificate.At the same time, we will do a good job in helping elderly passengers and people off the Internet, and strengthen ventilation and preventive disinfection in the waiting halls and ticket offices of railway stations.The “Party Member commandos” and “youth volunteer service team” of Lanzhou West Railway Station have been fully involved in the regional elimination and prevention and control knowledge publicity, strengthened patrol in waiting rooms, and guided passengers to take seats at intervals and wear masks correctly.In internal prevention and control, officials and staff have been instructed to refrain from gathering, wash their hands frequently, wear masks, strictly implement the “three-piece set” system of wearing gloves, masks and masks, refine and improve emergency prevention and control plans, and ensure that epidemic prevention and control work is scientific, accurate, effective and effective.At the same time, lanzhou passenger section strictly prevention and control of the epidemic, the implementation of preventive disinfection system, from the past every four hours to every two hours to conduct comprehensive disinfection and registration.During the train operation, train attendants stepped up patrol efforts and timely reminded passengers to wear masks.The train is equipped with disposable masks, thermometers, disinfectant alcohol, hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention products for passengers to use at any time.The disinfection of spare parts of train facilities should be carried out in a scientific and standardized manner, and spare parts of bedding should be completely eliminated to ensure passengers’ safety on the way.Lanzhou Daily all media reporter He Yixuan source: Lanzhou Daily (copyright belongs to the original author, if there is infringement, please contact delete)If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: