Real estate development end post can turn property guard, what is the best channel?(Suggested collection)

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Recently, the overall number of real estate development positions is still relatively small, while the position of property is relatively stable and has continuous demand. Many real estate developers who have been doing real estate development want to ask whether they can transfer to the property, and if they can transfer to what channel is better.Before answering this question, let’s take a look at some differences between the two positions. From the perspective of personnel requirements, real estate development requires higher education grades. For example, education background usually requires a unified bachelor’s degree.And the property post education can be seen in general junior college, and even some property executive positions, the age is usually relaxed to 45 years old, some can even 50 years old.However, there is still a big difference between real estate development and property management in terms of salary. The fixed salary of senior executives may not differ much, but the bonus part may differ greatly. For example, it is possible for the total annual salary of real estate development area to exceed ten million yuan, but the total annual salary of real estate development area is usually limited to three million yuan.Low-end position fixed salary difference is bigger, often only 50-70% of real estate property, but as there is a downturn in the real estate development the position salary and the cause of the wage difference is related to property management personnel’s overall quality and requirement, as property of jobs require more and more high, the gap should be will narrow.As for whether the development position can be transferred to the property, first of all, we need to consider its necessity. Some people at the development end have good educational background and company background, and their career development has been very smooth. Their age is also when they play, but they have encountered some problems in their recent career development.However, its main problem is the overall market environment, and its personal career competitiveness is ok. In this way, it may not be necessary for people with such background to transfer property. Although the real estate development has encountered some problems recently, there are still opportunities in the future.For some real estate developers, it may be a good time to consider the property, especially those who feel that their professional competitiveness in the development end is general or not particularly smooth.Such as degree are recruitment but only three, in a lot of real estate development company is likely to still be discrimination, may miss some good opportunity, but for property job of undergraduate course will have stronger competitiveness such as company background, even if you worked in real estate development top 30, but for some companies, if you are not one of them is a benchmark company,You’re still going to lose a lot of jobs.For example, engineering project posts of real estate development hope that the best candidate is civil engineering major. If it is mechanical and electrical major, it may lose many opportunities, but this major is sometimes more popular for the property.In addition, the channel of transformation needs to be paid attention to. It is not a simple and direct way to succeed. Do not think that real estate development is more high-end.I remember someone asked me if I could be the property director if I was the project manager of real estate development. In fact, the transformation would not be successful.The development end to the property, first of all, the possibility of internal transfer will be greater, in fact, there are many real estate development companies to let the development of the staff to transfer to the property, if just encounter such a situation need to weigh and consider, according to their own situation to see if it is really an opportunity.Instead of leaving in a fit of anger, you may not only fail to find a job, but also miss such a transition opportunity.Therefore, if you consider your own situation and feel more suitable for long-term development in the property, sometimes you can even take the initiative to ask your company whether there is such an opportunity to transfer property.In addition, it is necessary to seek relevance according to their positions and functions, so that the transformation will be easier to succeed. It is necessary to know that property executives usually need to be recruited from property executives, and it is not possible for talents at the development end to be directly transferred to property executives.But the middle and low end of the job is likely to look at real estate developers, especially in commercial property management, those who also need experience in commercial development, such cases will be considered in the development side of the talent.Therefore, in order to transform, it is necessary to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the property industry and the company, as well as the development space of the position and job responsibilities.At the same time, I need to compare my career development opportunities in the real estate development end and the correlation between the work in the development end and the real estate position I want to apply for, so as to judge whether I should be transferred and how likely it is to succeed, and then strive for it through various channels.Headhunter Hu Zhaojun, workplace to help you win, pay attention to me at any time to get workplace power!