Shandong high court work report: a group of “village bully” “mining bully” “sand bully” and so on were severely punished

2022-06-14 0 By

Qilu Evening News · Qilu One point reporter Yang Lu January 25 morning, at the second plenary meeting of the seventh session of the 13th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, Zhang Jiatian, president of the Higher People’s Court of Shandong province, delivered a work report of the higher People’s Court of Shandong Province.The report noted that in the past year, regular efforts were made to crack down on gangs and evil.We consolidated the achievements of special campaigns, and improved 15 working mechanisms, including organization and leadership, case trials, and the liquidation of illicit wealth, to ensure that the level of investment and crackdown does not decrease.Resolutely implementing the principle of severe punishment in accordance with the law, the courts closed 19 cases involving 80 people and 109 cases involving 623 people, and sentenced 194 people to fixed-term imprisonment of more than five years, with a severe punishment rate of 27.6 percent. A number of “village bullies”, “mining bullies” and “sand bullies” were severely punished.Adhering to the principle of “cutting off money and cutting off blood”, 92.8% and 95% of criminal and criminal cases were disposed of property, respectively.Persisting in “breaking the net with an umbrella”, conducting in-depth investigation of clues related to “umbrella” and “net”, handing over 54 cases involving 57 people and closing 5 cases involving “umbrella” with 5 people.We focused on key industries such as natural resources, transportation and engineering construction, and issued 724 judicial suggestions to industry regulatory authorities. The long-term results of regular governance have been increasingly evident, and the people’s sense of security has been further enhanced.Huang Zhiyong and other evil forces of the criminal group held the grassroots political power for 10 years, oppression and mutilation of people, committed 25 crimes, linyi court sentenced 20 defendants to fixed-term imprisonment.