The average age is 66!Xiaoshan this “sunset red” consumer rights protection volunteer service team a year for the masses to recover economic losses of 3,3111,200 yuan

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“61,62,66,66,67,67,68,69,71”, these 9 numbers, respectively, are the ages of 9 people, these should be retired to rest at home, but in January 2020, they together set up the “sunset red” consumer rights volunteer service team.Nine retired cadres of xiaoshan District Market Supervision Bureau are on the job again. They specialize in consumer knowledge popularization, consumer legal advice, and consumer dispute mediation. They have become the veteran cadres who are enthusiastic and focused in all weathers, regardless of remuneration and who do not quit.In 2021, it carried out 456 cases of people’s mediation and recovered 3.3112 million yuan of economic losses for the masses. At the same time, it was rated as the most beautiful veteran volunteer service team in Xiaoshan District.Among the 4 people’s mediators, there are experts who specialize in consumption mediation when they are on duty, professional experts from the legal system, and experienced veterans who are good at communication and persuasion. They have the unique advantages of old comrades and are more likely to move both sides and facilitate reconciliation in mediation.Among them shen Zhiliang, Qi Deming, Xu Zhiqiao, he Jinhai 4 comrades, also received xiaoshan district consumer disputes people’s mediation committee letter of appointment, as a full-time people’s mediator.Consumer dispute mediation is a technical work, pay attention to both the cognition of laws and regulations, and pay attention to the character psychology of the prediction, they started mediation “researcher”, so also developed a “10+10+10 half hour exchange” mechanism, exchange research experience,The three “10s” are the 10-minute exchange of policy understanding, the 10-minute exchange of character psychological response, and the 10-minute exchange of consumption traps.Make the knowledge “advocate” whether to smell weir, linpu evaluated integratedly, heart or city square, beishan park, theatre square such as abortion, the annual March 15 activities can always see the figure of volunteer service, in addition, the double ninth festival of beishan square, the large-scale public welfare activities, dissemination have their laws and regulations, the scene to disabuse, distributing promotional materials,It was praised by the local people.In the mediation, they also spread the concept of rational consumption, according to the age level of consumers, consumption habits, targeted popularization of specific consumer traps, to cultivate consumers’ awareness of fraud and rights protection.”Dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress”, each member of the volunteer service team has written the spirit of volunteer service in his heart with his actions, spreading it to more and more people, explaining the responsibility and responsibility of the veteran party members and veterans.