“Father and son soldier” on the train

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Shan Weidong is a passenger locomotive driver in the Second Houbei Operation Workshop of Houma North Engine Depot of China Railway Taiyuan Bureau Group Co., LTD., and Shan Hui is a deputy passenger locomotive driver in the workshop, the son of Shan Weidong.The father and son, one born in the 1960s and the other born in the 1990s, take holidays as working days. During the Spring Festival travel rush and Spring Festival, they stick to their posts and tell stories unique to railway people.Phone storm with the constant improvement of mobile phone functions, people is higher and higher degree of dependence on mobile phones, especially as after 90, more or less will phone syndrome, which in order to ensure the machine during the steward work focus, eliminate driving, safety hidden trouble, specifically introduced into the main management method during the stay by mobile phone,From the root, the problem of driving safety affected by mobile phone playing by locomotive attendants during boarding is eliminated.This can be the small flash gas bad, home after the flash to The East to complain: “now into the apartment will have to lie down to rest, even play the game is not good, this work and what meaning…”Listening to his son’s complaints, The optimistic Lao Shan didn’t criticize his son, but said to him patiently:”Paragraph is not not to let you play mobile phone, but not to let you play mobile phone during the ride and work, so is for you ah, only energetic, can safely open every car, you forget some time ago there was an airplane class because there was no rest, almost caused an accident?”Listening to his father’s words, small flash also slowly understand the provisions of the paragraph.”Do this job, you have to worry about that heart, you can shoulder a car behind the safety of life and property.”He often used this saying to teach his son, and he did the same himself.Since a job ShanWeiDong after steam, diesel, electricity, three kinds of dynamic models, for passenger and freight train traction task, but no matter what task driving what type, bear, he is centered, concentrate on work, thinking by heart locomotive performance and manipulation techniques, with wisdom and sweat clutching a brake.There are 6 stations and 1 docking station in the duty section of Laoshan, which requires brake test and speed regulation 18 times.Every time the brake is tested, the speed should be flat and steady, and every time the station and stop should be precise and accurate. These are Lao Shan’s unique skills.Even though he drove an ordinary passenger train, he never let up on his demands.After a long period of exploration, summary and improvement, he formed a set of safe and effective smooth manipulation method, that is, “5231manipulation method”.He once won the championship in the bus competition organized by Taiyuan Bureau Group Company, and won the honorary title of advanced Individual of the Group company for many consecutive years.Facing quite famous old father, son Flash hui also not to be outdone, he took an examination of the electric locomotive deputy driver with excellent results, because of learning ability and adaptability is stronger, the transformation becomes engine car deputy driver, take on the task of passenger train traction.After serving as the passenger train deputy driver, Shin-hui to a higher standard of strict requirements of their own, whether it is rules or common emergency fault handling, he is back to know everything.In order for the driver to accurately mark at the parking station, he memorized the section station, the passenger and landing station, and the upper and lower parking scales, and called the parking scales accurately at each parking station, providing data support for the driver to mark the parking.During the Spring Festival, the diesel engine in his locomotive operation appeared abnormal sound, after he carefully checked, found that the locomotive 6 cylinder does not erupt, he immediately carried out the disposal, to avoid the problem of diesel engine resonance.When Lao Shan heard this, he excitedly said to his son, “You are right, son. Dad gave you a thumbs-up!”Spring Festival couplets “Last year there are sons to help stick it, this year how into you two stick Spring Festival couplets?””Yes, they’re both busy this year, so there’s only me and my daughter-in-law left.”On the 29th day of the 12th month in the lunar calendar, Mother Shanhui, who was pasting Spring Festival couplets with her daughter-in-law, chatted with her neighbors.Originally this day, flash home father both go out by car, do not have to stick Spring Festival couplets to the home, prepare goods for the New Year, so these jobs fell on two women.After Lao Shan came back, His mother complained: “You have been working for more than 30 years, but you have never pasted Spring Festival couplets to your family.” Lao Shan smiled and said, “I want more people to paste Spring Festival couplets at home.”On the eve of this year’s Spring Festival, the Party committee held an activity called “Tell me your New Year’s wish for 2022”. When asked about his New Year’s wish, Lao Shan said, “My New Year’s wish is to drive every train well to ensure the safety of passengers’ life and property, and then spend more time with my granddaughter.”Compared with dad’s New Year wishes, benefly wishes more reality, he said: “the New Year, hope I can make more money, then you can become a qualified locomotive drivers, in the future also hope oneself can become a train driver, when I see the emu train Mercedes and outdated, his heart will have a feeling of envy.”China Traffic Broadcast: elegant correspondent: Ma Yanlei