Audio panorama VR, new “care version”!The online platform for ancestor worship and blessing was officially launched today

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Henan Mobile newspaper reporter Ma Dongwei and new Baizu Square to take a “cloud photo”, to share their own baizu poster;On the “bank of the Yellow River”, we picked up a drifting gourd and prayed for peace and prosperity with Chinese people all over the world.On March 25, the organizing committee of the Ceremony held a press conference, and the online platform for ancestor worship and blessing in the birthplace of The Yellow Emperor in the year of Nonyin was officially launched.”March 3, worship regulus.”The ceremony is an important platform to promote the Culture of the Yellow River, tell the story of the Yellow River well, continue the historical context, and strengthen cultural confidence.Starting from 2020, online ancestor worship has become an important way for Chinese people at home and abroad to search for their roots and pray for good fortune, and it is very popular among netizens.The new upgraded “Online ancestor worship and blessing platform” has been upgraded in design style and function Settings, full of fashion, and a stronger sense of experience.Mixer IP team appearance appear around the yellow emperor IP IP image, create suitable for the spread of the yellow emperor team launched the yellow emperor, chief changjie, wishing, Aaron, gaps and six yellow emperor pet image, according to historical records and legends, comic story, build “, promote the course of human history “clerkstarts team image, from different dimensions, the yellow emperor story.◆ Chinese style design contains the overall Chinese culture painting style with high saturation, and the color is calm and calm, highlighting the heavy sense of traditional culture.Design, use some of the elements of national cultural relics, outstanding Chinese classic cultural treasures, such as background music Gu Hu bone flute shape, oracle shape font switch icon to return to the home page buttons used in the autumn of 1984 in erlitou site Mosaic turquoise he unearthed bronze decoration, home page button at the bottom of the background lines ring, using a queueThe shell frame is decorated with jade dragon of Hongshan culture, etc. At the same time, you are also welcome to visit the platform to continue to look for these design eggs, so that the sleeping cultural relics and national treasures come alive.Mixer version “care for” more convenient operation in order to expand the scope of audience, according to the old habit of using mobile phones, design and development on nonyl Yin in his online platform version of “caring”, on the front page has marked the entrance to remind the elderly into love, in love edition page design is simple and the font size more, can be a key to worship ancestors, participate in the flower basket, clean hands shakily, blessing his instrument.Pieces 2.0 package online edition of the yellow emperor series expression for “Z” generation (1995-2005 born in the year of the newborn population), especially overseas Chinese generation “Z” group, and combined with the social hot spots and local characteristics design package a set series expression, version 2.0 shaft yellow emperor is applicable to common scenarios in social media, through the high frequency of use of social media both at home and abroad,To achieve the publicity of the hometown of the Yellow Emperor worship ceremony, effectively spread the Yellow River culture, yellow Emperor culture effect.Mixer AI in face to worship ancestors square photo “cloud” of his two successive network platform change according to the module is well received by the users, nonyl Yin in his platform will use video online AI in face technology, upload a hack, can the ancient costume “across” to worship ancestors square to generate dynamic video, can also and his square to a photo “cloud”,Better experience the sense of participation, the sense of presence.◆ The praying language plate favored by users has also been upgraded greatly, adding the “Praying calabash for Blessing” plate. Each user can generate their own exclusive praying calabash to convey good wishes and blessings with calabash similar to drifting bottles.Mixer audio home park panoramic VR roots in order to let more Chinese people at home and abroad experience his site, nonyl Yin in his online platform also produced “: audio VR virtual campus”, through comprehensive interactive reduction of the real scene demonstration, make friends by mobile phone can obtain three-dimensional space feeling, as being in it.Users can choose the scene, zoom in, zoom out mobile watch and other controls, feel the body in each scene at will, without going out of the house can appreciate the Baizu Square, feel the unique design concept of the Chinese style.Micro channel mini program version one key to build micro channel mini program version, easy for users to quickly find the platform, after using the small program, users can view the use of records, my small program collection, quick scan small program code, quickly pay attention to the platform again.Android phones can also add small programs to the phone desktop, more convenient later use.The overall interface display will also be subtracted on the basis of the original, optimize user operations, increase user experience, mainly guided by main elements, reduce unnecessary information and content display.In order to facilitate the global Chinese children to participate in online ancestor worship blessing, the platform set up a number of forms and entrance.Users can login through the following ways “blessing of his online platform” : 1. Click on the “blessing” hometown of yellow emperor worship ancestors online platform (, enter directly.2. Scan the following QR code, or search the mini program “Cloud Ancestor Worship” on wechat, and enter the online ancestor worship and Blessing Platform at the Hometown of Yellow Emperor.3. Wechat Moments, Toutiao client, Sina Weibo, Baidu, Sohu, Zhengzhou Observation, Zhengzhou +, Zhengguan News, Xintong Bridge and other client home page set entrance, you can directly log in to the “online ancestor worship and Blessing platform”.4. Click the “Cloud Ancestor worship” button in the function menu of wechat public accounts such as Zhengzhou Daily, Zhengzhou Evening News, Zhongyuan Net, Zhengzhou Publishing, Zhengguan News, Zhengzhou Circle and so on to log in to the “Online ancestor worship and blessing platform”.Editor: Zhou Zhiwu