Beijing: Garment goods from abroad may cause an epidemic

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A press conference was held in Beijing on Monday afternoon to introduce the situation and the latest progress of epidemic prevention and control.From 16:00 on April 7 to 16:00 on April 8, Beijing reported seven new locally confirmed COVID-19 cases, including four in Chaoyang district and three in Fengtai District.Since April 3, a number of independent transmission chains appeared in the short term in Beijing, showing the aggregation of the epidemic associated with xiaojinge clothing store.Up to now, a total of 27 COVID-19 cases have been reported, including 10 shop assistants, 8 family members and people living with them, 3 customers visiting the store and 6 other related people, suggesting that the virus is spreading fast and highly contagious.The Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) sequenced the novel Coronavirus positive nucleic acid samples of the two batches of garment cargo detected in Beijing on July 7. The results showed that the virus sequences were identical with those of the virus 88, 89, 91 to 95, 98, 102, 104 to 106 associated with the xiaojinge Clothing store.Combined with the epidemiological investigation and gene sequencing results, it is preliminarly concluded that the outbreak is likely to be caused by garment goods from abroad.At the press conference, Beijing issued three-point tips on epidemic prevention and control: First, inbound and outbound travelers should actively cooperate and strictly implement nucleic acid testing and health monitoring measures after arriving in Beijing.Second, citizens should take good personal protection and fulfill their responsibility for epidemic prevention.Third, novel coronavirus nucleic acid testing and preventive disinfection shall be carried out for imported non-cold chain goods in accordance with relevant regulations.Today, Jilin Province held a press conference on the latest situation of COVID-19 prevention and control.At the press conference, relevant officials introduced that after the outbreak of the epidemic in Jilin city on March 2, after 37 days of continuous operations, the latest round of nucleic acid testing for all members of the covered community was completed from 8 o ‘clock on April 7 to 8 o ‘clock on April 8.According to the relevant regulations of the State on epidemic prevention and control, after comprehensive evaluation of the test results, jilin City epidemic prevention and control Headquarters determined that jilin City has achieved the goal of eliminating social gatherings.Copyright Notice All original content of securities Times platform, without written authorization, any units and individuals shall not be reproduced.We reserve the right to investigate the relevant subject of legal responsibility.For reprinting and cooperation, please contact SecuritiesTimes assistant on wechat ID: SecuritiesTimes illegal and bad information report tel: 0755-83514034 email:bwb@stcn.comEND click on the keyword to view the potential hope series of in-depth reports! Column! Investment little red book! E company investigation! Times meeting room! Shady investigation! Ten stars private placement interview! New Year walk grassroots!Another ipo break. What’s going on?Construction, chemical industry is hi, many shares 20cm daily limit more than a number of Internet factories downsizing?The number of employees of Tencent, Ali, Meituan, Jingdong and other 12 enterprises has remained stable, and the total number of employees will remain stable and increase this year!More than 130,000 people have been infected with swine fungus, including 1 severe case.Chairman of the short – term trading company convertible bonds, nearly 87 million earnings all handed over to the company, what situation?! Another!Tencent’s Penguin e-sports has announced that it will cease operations on June 7.After rumours