@ Epidemic prevention workers, please keep this “Three Zones” personal protection!

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Science and build a line focus on the evolution of the epidemic prevention and control of wearing a mask, wash your hands frequently, often ventilated new crown after the outbreak will according to the epidemic spread risk, to the community prevention and control precision is divided into “three”, namely: centralization, control, prevent, the categorized management, so how do these different community workers protection?How should the staff in the prevention area, control area and containment area protect themselves?1. Protective measures to be taken by staff in the prevention area, guards, public security police, grid members, inspectors, material delivery personnel and other volunteers in the control area: 01 Wear surgical masks and gloves when necessary 02 Keep a distance of one meter 03 Do hand hygiene with hands-free disinfectant at all timesControls the janitor needs to carry out the check code, such as temperature test registration screening personnel can wear protective face screen at the same time control the material distribution personnel should wear the mask for medical respirator (N95) security forces in close contact with isolated personnel, should wear the mask for medical respirator (N95), and wearing a protective screen.2. Cleaners and preventive disinfection personnel in the controlled area;Guards, grid operators, inspectors, material distribution personnel and other volunteers in the containment area;Sanitary workers and preventive disinfection workers who do not work in residential buildings and surrounding physical isolation areas with positive cases in the containment area should take the following protective measures :01 Wear medical protective masks (N95) and gloves.Wear protective clothing, disposable hat 02 1 meter distance 03 disinfectant for hand hygiene at any time to wash hands with free 3, medical staff, after sealing centralization positive cases in residential building and the surrounding physical isolation zone and preventive disinfection cleaning personnel, police and other direct contact with potential infectious object protective measures should be taken as follows:Wear a medical protective mask (N95), medical gloves, disposable hats, goggles or protective face screens, and wear medical protective clothing and shoe covers. Wash hands according to the seven-step method after each service