In 2021, the total import and export value between Tianjin and countries along the belt and Road exceeded 210.7 billion yuan

2022-06-16 0 By

The reporter learned from Tianjin Customs that according to statistics, in 2021, the total value of imports and exports between Tianjin and countries along the Belt and Road was 210.78 billion yuan, an increase of 16.1% over the previous year.Of this amount, 81.89 billion yuan was imported, up 7.5%;Exports totaled 128.89 billion yuan, up 22.3%.From the point of view of trade mode, general trade is the main trade mode.In 2021, tianjin enterprises will import and export 123.43 billion yuan to countries along the belt and Road in the form of general trade, an increase of 19.1%, accounting for 58.6%.In the same period, imports and exports through bonded logistics reached 32.37 billion yuan, up 29.3 percent.In addition, imports and exports through contracted projects reached 6.23 billion yuan, about 2.3 times that of the previous year.From the nature of enterprises, foreign-invested enterprises and private enterprises are the main trade bodies.In 2021, tianjin’s foreign invested enterprises’ import and export to countries along the belt and Road reached 86.2 billion yuan, up 9.6%;Imports and exports of private enterprises reached 84.82 billion yuan, up 12.7%, accounting for 81.1% of the total.In addition, imports and exports of state-owned enterprises reached 39.71 billion yuan, up 43.5%.Among imported goods, mechanical and electrical products and agricultural products ranked first and second.In 2021, Tianjin imported 39.3 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products from countries along the belt and Road, down 4.7%;Imports of agricultural products totaled 10.11 billion yuan, up 22.4%.In 2021, Tianjin exported 79.53 billion yuan of mechanical and electrical products to countries along the belt and Road, an increase of 11.2%.14.47 billion yuan of steel exports, up 75.2%;Exports of textiles and clothing reached 8.8 billion yuan, up 12.9%.Data show that China’s traditional export advantages are still welcomed by countries along the “Belt and Road” initiative.In the past year, tianjin customs actively implement the “area” initiative docking with the national development strategy along the deployment arrangement, in the pattern innovation, international coordination and cooperation, consolidation, construction of advancing steadily, deepen cross-border trade facilitation initiative, to further optimize the customs clearance process, innovate regulatory way, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, constantly optimize the business environment,For Tianjin to “the Belt and Road” countries along the steady growth of foreign trade to lay a solid foundation.