Light the powder keg at one point?More than 8,500 U.S. Troops are poised for confrontation with Russia

2022-06-16 0 By

The border situation between Russia and Ukraine is becoming increasingly fierce. The negotiations between the United States and Russia have failed many times, and the border war may be imminent.Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if the West crossed the red line, The Russian military would 100% fight.More than 8,500 US troops have been put on high alert in response to the Crisis in Ukraine, and could be deployed to Eastern Europe at any time in the future, pentagon spokesman John Kirby said, guanxi reported.Just the day before, the Biden administration was considering sending more troops to the Baltic.At the same time, Mr. Biden held video meetings with NATO’s European Allies in an effort to strengthen the alliance’s internal unity and in what appeared to be a warning to Russia.It is worth noting that THE US Defense Secretary Austin also said that this is the order of the Biden administration, may also be the latest measures taken by the US side.In recent days, Russia has repeatedly stressed that it has no plans to attack Ukraine, but the United States and NATO countries have frequently played up the threat, claiming that 127,000 Russian troops have been deployed to the border of the two countries, Russia has also conducted large-scale military exercises.Kirby said Russian forces are moving so intensively that U.S. forces should also be on high alert to support NATO forces.He also stressed that the United States would respond quickly if NATO forces were in crisis.After several rounds of negotiations, the United States and Russia did not talk about effective results, the two sides still do not compromise.Analysts say all sides have been ratchet up the pressure this month, trying to defend their positions at the cost of worsening the situation.In talks with European leaders, Mr. Biden claimed that the West was completely united on the Ukraine crisis.According to a White House release, Biden also discussed strengthening NATO’s eastward expansion, which is a red line for Russia.And just a few days ago, the United States sent two shipments of military equipment to Ukraine.NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said NATO countries would also deploy fighter jets to eastern Europe.Faced with the provocation of western countries led by the United States, Russia then hit back, saying that the United States and NATO are the main culprits of the tension, and even spread a lot of rumors.Russia also warned that NATO should stop what appeared to be a dangerous Ukrainian offensive in eastern Ukraine as soon as possible.Russian presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov said Ukraine was planning an attack in preparation for an offensive.He stressed that the possibility of military conflict was higher than ever.Us media reported that Ukraine did not show a sense of urgency on the surface.President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine would “remain calm.”On the whole, the tension between Russia and Ukraine has not yet shown signs of easing, and the outside world will continue to wait and see, and both sides should avoid further escalation of the situation.