One Foundation Sang Yu Tong Le to carry out “flying tong Qu, happy moment” theme learning and education activities

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One Foundation Sangyu Children’s Service Station Sangyu Children’s Service Station launched a series of learning and education activities themed “Flying Children’s Fun, Happy Moment” in February.Activity 01 “Children stand on the Bridge of Heart, Safe With me” — Food safety Theme Activity Left-behind is not alone, children’s service station teachers are very concerned about children’s health.In order to enhance children’s awareness of food safety, cultivate children’s good habits of hygiene and not eating snacks, so that children can grow up safely and healthily.At the end of January, sang Yu Tong Le Children’s Service station launched a “food safety education” activity class.02 game: we all jump a jump in the game, can train children to change speed, change direction walk, run and train children around jump, jump.And through games to train children’s sensitivity, develop children’s imagination, creativity.At the same time, the children’s awareness of mass activities and mutual humility of good character.”Di Zi rules” is the essence of China’s traditional education, is about children’s moral cultivation and behavior standards of Sinology enlightenment reader it will advocate the Chinese culture of loyalty, filial piety, benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, faith and other concepts in popular language, shallow historical allusion to tell clearly.This book contains all kinds of rules that children should obey in their daily life. It teaches children how to be filial to their parents, respect their teachers, be honest and trustworthy, how to do things, read books, and how to get along well with others.Let children from an early age to accept the influence of traditional culture, is conducive to the promotion of traditional culture, is conducive to children’s cultivation of sentiment, rich language ability, for the cultivation of children’s ideological and moral and character cultivation are good.Through the “Yuanxiao Jewelry” provided by Sangyu Tongle Children’s service station, the children gave full play to their imagination and made one after another exquisite Yuanxiao necklace.It broadens children’s innovative thinking, improves children’s appreciation ability and cultivates children’s observation ability.Art activities Yuanxiao small necklace This activity in children’s life lay the foundation education idea as the guidance, through the operation mode of the 1256 n, make charitable social workers volunteer service integration development pattern, social work station integration of all resources, children stand services, including “big hands holding hands together to do public welfare”, “grandma and grandpa class” and so on the series of activities,To provide children with a more relaxed and free space, build a stage to show their own personality, reflect their own value, do their own food and clothing, let children’s childhood can be happy, healthy, happy growth.One foundation children service station project profile Child development and protection as the core, by supporting local public welfare organizations in rural communities, urban and rural combined with the community to establish a safe friendly children activity space, and through the outside of school and family “space + full-time/part-time + service” model, 0 to 6 years old children of low-income families to provide early development services,High-quality accompanying services, such as structured courses and participatory activities, are provided to left-behind children aged 7-12 in rural areas and migrant children in urban and rural areas, so as to alleviate the growth risks and difficulties faced by children in the community, build a service platform for children in the community, protect children’s basic rights, and promote their physical and mental development.Through the operation model of 1256N, the integrated development model of charity social work volunteer service is created. The social work station integrates all resources to carry out children’s station services, such as “Big hands holding small hands together to do public welfare” and “Grandparents having a class” and other activities.