Real estate and home decoration “roll” together (1)

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On the one hand, the real estate down out of danger housing enterprises drag home improvement enterprises, resulting in a number of home improvement performance losses.On the other hand, real estate enterprises break through business barriers and hope to find new breakthroughs in the downstream industry chain such as home decoration.Originally, the upstream and downstream industries were so “glued” together, “love each other” and “kill each other”.In the battle of attacking and defending, reciprocity and biting, scenes are being staged.Shell house, Gome dress up home and other enterprises in the home, home outfit action, also means the rapid upgrade of the new track war.Recently, the focus of finance learned that shell Housing announced a new round of organizational structure adjustment and personnel appointment, the appointment of Zheng Shenzhen as the strategic management and investment center, directly report to shell chairman, CEO Peng Yongdong.At the same time, in the year before, holy founder, chairman Yan Weiyang was appointed as the head of the new home outfit line business, previously held the position of shell room central theater zone, the eastern theater zone of the first he Shengxiang was appointed as the head of the new home line business.A number of executives in the field of home decoration platoon troops, seems to have the taste of “Tian Ji horse racing”.Another person familiar with the matter said different executives were responsible for different business segments and the business was more focused.And be in May last year, central finance and economics ever exclusive report Zhang Haiming is appointed general manager of shell household, become this plate brand-new director.Within a year, however, a new man took the helm.In addition, in terms of organizational structure, in November last year, shell Housing business Group was established, and the strategic management and investment Center of Shell Housing Business group was set up, which is responsible for the strategy, strategic management and promotion of shell Housing business group, leading key projects within and across business group, and layout of strategic investment.From merging Wanlian, launching its own brand “Quilt home decoration”, acquiring shengdu, a leading home decoration enterprise, to adjusting personnel and organizational structure…Adumbrative the beginning of new change, also showing shell looking for a room to want to explore the idea of doing everyone’s home, home outfit new domain territory.In fact, after the death of the founder of the shell looking for room, Peng Yongdong in the continuation of the shell looking for room established development route at the same time, he will enter the shell home decoration market, compared to “over the second mountain”.”At present, home furnishing and home decoration are highly competitive, there is no profit margin, and it is not so easy to get, the competition is big.However, the old peers have high profit requirements before, and if the new entrants simplify the process, they can save costs and make profits.In addition, the efficiency of selling a house can also be improved if the house can be installed by finishing the decoration before selling.”A senior real estate industry in the focus of financial interview said.A chain intermediary broker once told the focus of finance and economics, bedding home decoration can achieve design, assembly, customization integration, the owner does not need to stare at the site, through real-time camera monitoring can achieve “cloud monitoring”, to solve the problem of modern busy work, no time to stare at the decoration.In addition, if Lianjia promotes “bedding home decoration” in the process of second-hand housing transaction, it can virtually capture home decoration customers, further shorten the transaction and home decoration time, and improve efficiency.The monthly activity of 50 million users of Shell House and the market share of second-hand houses and new houses of Lianjia seem to be its “trump card” for acquiring users of home furnishing and home decoration, while technology enables construction.It is understood that Zheng Shenzhen, who was newly appointed as the head of the strategic management and investment Center of The whole house, once served as the general manager of the operation of the Business division of Shell Zhaofang. He also publicly said that the new era of 5G will open the national VR, which may pave the way for Shell Zhaofang to force home VR.For technology subversion home decoration, another intruder gome “dress up home” seems to be a supporter of this innovation.From Huang Guangyu personally negotiated and finalized the acquisition of guaijia, to the official release of Gome “Guaijia” APP in April last year, Gome’s love for home decoration and home furnishing industry can be seen.In order to realize the user’s “what you see is what you get”, GOME “dress up home” is the grafting of upstream factory resources, material supply resources and decoration construction resources.Once the designer’s design scheme is displayed through the BIM system, it can be linked with the construction drawings for data, and present the relevant quotation of materials and construction at the same time.It seems that all intruders want to subvert the new game rules of traditional industries through technological innovation.Gome’s approach is to integrate gome’s supply chain resources, hoping to build a closed loop at the end of delivery, and create a pioneer of segmental decoration in the field of home decoration.In addition, in terms of talent layout, in November last year, Gome started the “design cadet” plan, looking at the core elements of home decoration – designers, hoping to strengthen the platform’s design power reserve.It is understood that “dress up home” almost no threshold to attract designers, material suppliers, construction service providers and other partners to enter, quickly formed a 4000+ scale of designers.It is said that the market volume of home decoration circuit is 1.5 trillion, and the market volume of home decoration circuit is also 1.5 trillion, and the two together can reach 3 trillion, which is a blue ocean market with great exploration space.And from the point of view of consumption, the home outfit and household are an organic whole originally, after finishing the family to decorate when the user, naturally have buy those who live in just need.Shell’s advantage lies in the upstream transaction of customers into the natural trend, and “dress up home” in electrical appliances and retail has absolute advantages.In addition, real estate shrinkage, under incremental pressure, real estate profit decline is an inevitable trend, so many real estate enterprises are looking for the “second curve”.As early as 2020, country Garden, Evergrande, Baoneng, Longfor and other real estate companies have entered the home furnding market. Country Garden has also successively invested in Many home furnding enterprises, such as Di Home furnding and Mona Lisa.”Sweep goods” type layout means that housing enterprises have seen the profit space of downstream industry.However, with the continuous thunder of housing enterprises, for home, home decoration field of deep cultivation and expansion of the news seems to be gradually silent.More housing enterprises will be home, home decoration field as a branch of the business scope.