The fashion designer who left paper-cuts and Chinese landscape patterns on his down jacket for the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics has such a strong connection with Shanghai

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The opening ceremony of The Beijing Winter Olympic Games, just like a large down jacket planting grass scene, but do you know, the winter Olympic Games opening ceremony costume design team, Chen Peng, Wang Fengchen two young designers, and Shanghai fashion Week has a very deep origin.With their original designs, they not only appeared on the catwalk of Shanghai Fashion Week for many times, but also obtained many industry resources with the help of the platform of Shanghai Fashion Week, which helped them gradually grow into the leader of the new local design force.Born in 1991 in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi Province, Chen started his brand “CHENPENG” in London in 2015 after graduating from the London College of Fashion in menswear.In 2021, he was selected from the “audition” of 50 groups of designers across the country to be selected as the costume team for the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. He and two other designers will complete the costume design for the opening ceremony.These design including the first part of the spring show approval rod member clothing, the second part of the ice rings future ice hockey players clothing, the third part for national flag flag bearer clothing, the fourth part “pay tribute to the people” link roller skating player performance clothing and the fifth part of the winter Olympics theme song “snow” in the dance form, including children’s clothing.In particular, the costume of the fifth part was designed with hebei Intangible Heritage paper-cut culture and art. The paper-cut of “Peace” and “blessing” was reorganized to form the final “New Chinese window” pattern, which left an unforgettable impression on the audience.Shanghai fashion week organizing committee relevant personage told reporters.In April 2016, Chen Peng, who was in the start-up stage of the brand, participated in MODE Exhibition of Autumn/Winter 2016 Shanghai Fashion Week with his new collection, which was recognized and praised by international famous buyers such as Opening Ceremony and H.Lorenzo.During the Fall/Winter 2021 Shanghai Fashion Week, Chen peng won the “2021 YU PRIZE Creative Competition”. In addition to the cash award of RMB 1 million, Chen Peng also won the one-year guidance from Italian fashion group OTB.The blue and white coat is painted with rolling mountains, including the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall, the National Stadium and other elements…The outfits for the six flag-bearers of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics are made by Chinese fashion designer Wang Fengchen.A native of Fuqing, Fujian province, she graduated from Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology in 2010 and went to the Royal College of Art to study menswear.After graduation in 2015, HE started his own business in China and founded the brand Feng Chen Wang.Wang Fengchen designed a three-piece suit for the Olympic flag bearer, namely an artistic printed down jacket and a Chinese-style white suit.The uniforms were worn by the Olympic flag bearers luo Zhihuan, Li Jiajun, Shen Xue, Han Xiaopeng, Zhang Hui and Zhang Hong.Back in 2015, As an emerging designer, Wang Fengchen began to walk the catwalk of Shanghai Fashion Week.During the Spring/summer 2019 Shanghai Fashion Week, Converse, a well-known sports brand, and Wang Fengchen created a big show called “Really Have a Story”.The show featured new Converse 2018 autumn/winter and Feng Chen Wang 2019 spring/summer clothes.During Spring/Summer 2022 Shanghai Fashion Week, Feng Chen Released Feng Chen Wang’s first women’s collection.Shanghai Fashion Week has been going on for 20 years.In the past 20 years, Shanghai Fashion Week has grown from 50 shows a year to more than 100 shows a season today, of which over 70% are original and independent designers.The organizing committee of the Shanghai fashion week, officials said dodson TB, postmodernism Chen two bound up with the Shanghai fashion week of local designers and their works, can stand out on the much-anticipated Beijing Olympic opening ceremony, this is not only the glory of Shanghai fashion week, and the Shanghai fashion week has been assigned to the growth of the domestic new design strength as the core competitiveness, this road right.According to the reporter, the fall/Winter 2022 Shanghai Fashion Week will be held as scheduled in April this year, despite the fact that the epidemic is still spreading around the world and the global fashion industry is “severely weakened”.”Considering that this season will be released in autumn and winter, we will also make use of the winter Olympic fever and combine outdoor, snow and ice clothing and other fields to make topic selection planning.In short, Shanghai Fashion Week needs to take on the spillover effects of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”(Source: Shangguan News)