This is my family, she said

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All media center reporter Du Nan “uncle, we eat backbone sauerkraut soup at noon, dish wowou, ok?”On March 30, wang Airong, 58, chatted with his uncle Wang Jiuhe for a while before cooking, as usual.After living together for more than 30 years, they were like father and daughter.Wang Airong, an ordinary retired worker, is well known for taking good care of her uncle by her neighbors in the Shanhai Pass shanqinghai Blue community where she lives.Wang’s uncle, Wang Jiuhe, is a disabled soldier who suffered severe frostbite after staying in the snow for three days and three nights while serving in the army.After a career change, he suffered a relapse and underwent five years of treatment, including multiple amputations and loss of self-care.In 1979, Wang Jiuhe suffered from a serious vasculitis, surgery after the need for care.At the age of 16, Wang Ai-rong volunteered to take care of his uncle and stayed with him in the hospital for more than a month.After this, in order to take care of his uncle without children, Wang Ai-Rong made a major decision to take his uncle to get married.This decision made many men who wanted to pursue her back off, until 1985, Wang Airong finally waited for the kind-hearted Zhao Tonghe.”Before I got married, I said my uncle would take me wherever I was.”Wang Ai-rong words with moved, “when he agreed, I agreed to marry.”After marriage, the responsibility of taking care of the uncle began to be shared between the husband and wife.At that time, the house was small, and I still arranged a comfortable bed for my uncle.The child is small, wang Ai-rong takes care of the child, while taking care of his uncle who can not take care of himself, sometimes too busy to eat.The husband Zhao Tonghe was deeply moved by his wife’s kindness and virtue. As long as he was at home, he would rob to do all the dirty work.There was so much love and joy in this special family.Over the years, the husband and wife took care of their uncle in every way, without a single complaint.The old man’s daily urination, washing, feeding, massage and going out time are well arranged.Under their careful care, Wang Jiuhe has been close to death three times, 75 years old although he suffers from serious heart attack, diabetes and intestinal disease, but the state of mind is particularly good.The old man met people kua: “my niece that to me, too filial!I was lucky enough to have such a wonderful niece and son-in-law.”Now, Wang Airong’s daughter is married and has a son. The birth of the baby has brought a lot of joy to the big family. Wang Airong’s filial piety also affects her daughter and son-in-law, who treat Wang Jiuhe with great respect and filial piety.Wang’s daughter said: “My mother is my role model and I will carry on this love!”Editor: Xue Jialin, Liu Fuqing, Qing Wang