Where is the trading city after tomorrow

2022-06-16 0 By

The trading city in the game after Tomorrow is a general term for the trade zone. The trading city is not a single area. There are multiple camps under the classification of the trade zone, and these camps belong to the trading city.To get to the City of Trades, first click on the logo to view, open the game map, find the central entrance;Travel from the perimeter of the camp to the center of town and find a helicopter in the center of town;Close to the helicopter click “open” to board the plane, the game will pop up to where the popup window;Click “Trade zone” on the left and select the camp you want to go to under the category of “Trade Zone”;Click “Go” on the lower right and the helicopter will fly to the trading camp.[Fixed] When the plane arrives at the city of Trade, the game will give the city of Trade camp tips.After getting off the plane, find the trading booth, click on the trade, select the items you want to sell and buy, and enter the price.That’s where the trading city will be after tomorrow.