Chapter 12: Zhang Huan’s Family Motto, Exhortation to All The Sons, Book of Brother Jie

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Zhang Huan, courtesy name Ran Ming, born in Yuanquan County, Dunhuang County, Liangzhou (now Anxi County, Gansu Province), was a famous scholar in the Eastern Han Dynasty.As a famous general in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Zhang Huan made great contributions to stabilizing the border of the Eastern Han Dynasty. He was honest and incorruptible. Historians say that he was “honest and clean”, “honest and honest, and had a commander and a talent”, and left a horse like a sheep, not to enter the stable;Because of her contribution to pacifying qiang chaos, Zhang Huan and two other eminent commanders of the same period, Huangfugui (Weiming) and Duan Jiming (Jiming), are called liangzhou Sanming.Zhang Huan was also a scholar who studied The Book of History. When he was young, he studied the Book of Ouyang History under The guidance of Zhu Chong, a Commander of the Imperial Army. In his later years, he taught and recited Confucian Sutra with his disciples after returning home from official duties.When he was still a teenager, Zhang Huan set his sights on the future and told his friends: “A great man should carry out his duties in the world and make contributions to the country.”Finally, he realized his dream and became a famous star.The original text of Zhang Huan’s family instruction “All the Sons” : I will be promoted in official career, ten should be silver ai, can not be with the same brush, for slander evil avoid.Tong Sai, life also;Always, often.But the bottom of the earth mianming, long without dawn period, and complex wrapped with 纩 cotton, strong to nail close, do not like ear.He was lucky he died in the capability.Luxury non Jinwen, waste non Wang Sun, push the feeling from the meaning, ordinary no blame stingy.(Biography of Zhang Huan, Book of the Later Han dynasty) Original text of Zhang Huan’s family Admonitions, Book of Brother Jie: You Cao Bo you lost your wise father long ago, and now it’s time to breathe.Wen Zhong Zhi light ao Qiao old, approbate the same year, extreme.When the worship of young and old, with propriety.Smell dunhuang someone to, simultaneous way, all say uncle wide benevolence, smell of joy and sadness.Uncle xi got a good name, sad you get evil theory.Through the words of the hole in the township party, pye Xun such as also.Those who are modest are also respectful.Through difficult to know, and from your capital father as a teacher, your father ning light evil in the countryside?When young, lose much.Qu Bo jade year fifty, see forty-nine non, but can change.Must not think of my words, not from the blame, anti cloud Zhang Jia slander me, Li Yi blame me.I have not been, you have also.We can also feel the traces of Confucianism in zhang Huan’s Exhortation to The Masters and The Book of Brother Jie.Zhang Huan is nephew’s undeserving and worry, repeatedly admonish to its reform, showed the heart of attention to the growth of the younger generation;Zhang huan only asks her children to “follow their hearts” and only wants “a scarf” for her death, which shows her dedication to life and death.Zhang Huan’s eldest son Zhang Zhi and second son Zhang Chang are the same as big calligrapher, Zhang Zhi is known as “grass sage”, Zhang Chang is said to be “inferior sage”, only the 3rd son Zhang Meng holds office of Wuwei prefest produces contradiction with the history of yong Zhou governor and rebel, eventually the soldier is defeated and commits suicide.I have been an official for many years. I have been granted an official position ten times, but I cannot join in the evil deeds and be hated by those who slander.Career in prosperity or adversity, determined by fate;Every beginning has an end. That’s what happens.But I don’t like it when I wrap silk and cotton around my body and nail it tightly.Fortunately, the tomb was prepared, so he died in the morning and was buried in the evening. His body was placed on the bed, wrapped in a cloth.Luxury is no match for the Duke of Wen of The State of Jin, and frugality is no match for the king of Yang.Unfortunately, you were deprived of your father too soon, and of money and skills, and now things are better.I heard that zhong Zhi despised the elderly, insulted and bullied his companions, and spoke freely.We should respect our elders, love our younger ones and treat each other with courtesy.Hearing that someone from Dunhuang had come, they were all talking about it and praising uncle’s generosity and benevolence. They were both happy and sad to hear these.Happy because you are praised, sad because you are judged badly.According to the classic, Confucius treated his countrymen with “Lucian Xun as well”, which means respectful and humble.Did your father ever disparage his neighbors?You should correct your mistakes when you are young.Qu Boyu is fifty years old and still aware of the mistakes of the past forty-nine years. I hope you can correct me.Can not remember my words, not on their own body to find reasons, but said zhang Jia slander me, Li Yi blame me.I don’t have that problem, and neither do you.