Gac Trumpchi M8 compared to the new Roewe iMAX8, who can impress consumers more?

2022-06-17 0 By

In the increasingly rapid development of science and technology now, every aspect of our lives have entered the Internet era, as the name suggests, the interconnection are interconnected, car as our food and clothing live line, an important part of the “line”, without exception of already entered a stage of “smart”, smart cars have become an important part of each brand.So which of the two most familiar MPVS — the Trumpchi M8 and the all-new Roewe I MAX8 — will impress us more?On the appearance level, the Roewe I MAX8 is superior!When choosing a car, the first feeling is very important. The first thing you see is its appearance. Compared with the two cars, the overall appearance of GAC Trumpchi M8 is still the traditional MPV square route, which is a traditional model with regular rules and regulations.Comparatively speaking, the appearance of Roewe iMAX8 is the overall atmosphere grand, the front face using parametric three-dimensional suspension ronglin modeling, with the help of computational means to make each Ronglin elements present the best visual Angle, visual impact, highlight the charm of “head net red”.Interior with “endowed with space to emotion, endowed with intelligence to emotional intelligence” brand design philosophy as the main tone, into the realm of aesthetics, showing a concise and powerful Oriental artistic conception, perfect interpretation of the new tide digital aesthetics, more in line with the preferences of consumers.Roewe iMAX8 has its unique “magic sofa”, the seat is a 10-layer composite structure, can perfectly fit the curve of the human body, but also has the function of air massage, heating, ventilation, full of comfort, can effectively relieve the fatigue of long-distance travel.At the same time, with two rows of 360mm movable seats and three rows of ultra-long sliding front and rear functions, Roewe iMAX8 can be adjusted in a wide range of seat positions, creating an unprecedented intelligent mobile space, so that all passengers can comfortably “lie down to win”!.Travel safety on more intelligent and reasonable, more be assured that no matter what time, safety is always a top priority, I in this respect, roewe MAX8 I spent a state of mind, is equipped with multiple protection measures, including the main/vice the driver’s airbag, the front side airbags, front/rear head airbags and other passive safety configuration, moment to ensure user safety driving.At the same time, there are 360° panoramic image, APA automatic parking, IHC intelligent headlights near and far light switch, reversing car side warning system and a series of forward-looking active safety auxiliary technology, to provide users with all-round protection.Nowadays, in the MPV model, each brand is competing with each other, which can be described as “immortal fight”. For the various intelligent car market, who is the best choice in the heart of consumers?