High-speed rail travel after the holiday: not only resumed some services, but also opened some additional services

2022-06-17 0 By

Part to meet the demand of passenger travel routes gradually restore operation at the same time increase the train sorting summary at any more you need to restore operation statistics date: February 2 growing drive time statistical date: February 2, small make up warm prompt increase train services and time to the station announcement source: Yangtze river railway editor: ya-ping sun editor: Huang Yang so-voioe editor:Zhang Rui supervisor: Peng Yan watch · recommended taste · Pizhou — Agricultural business Cup the first Pizhou food culture Festival middle school, primary school, kindergarten winter vacation time, finally finalized!Pizhou civilized community, civilized corridor selection, voting or can get electric car……Eleven students from Pizhou received national scholarship!Attention to pizhou livelihood services pizhou people look at bai ~