Is Han Li, the hero of the fairy tale, the reincarnation of dao Zu?

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It is believed that all Taoist friends will have a question after watching the final finale of the fairy tales: is han Li, the protagonist of the fairy tales, the reincarnation of the Taoist patriarch?Han Li met himself in the past time point, we do not understand, it seems necessary to explain the power of the law of time.Mortal cultivate immortality and stories from mr.han was born in a small mountain village, the story of the main timeline, now the timeline, real time axis, mr.han through encountered in the shadow should be now mr.han growth to a certain extent, under the coincidence to return to the road flyover crab that point in time, just now mr.han also crossing under the coincidence to that point in time,So I found myself and I met myself.A cross is often easier to understand, like this double cross many road friends are not easy to understand.Then many Taoist friends put forward the fatalism, saying that Han Li is the reincarnation of tao Zu, but it is not.The story should be set like this, there is a saying, everything is predetermined, everything is variable.Time can stretch indefinitely into the past or into the future.The destiny of the universe, to determine the past now the future state of time and space of large probability, everything in the universe variables and determine the time and space matter status can change, but if no one can use of time for time travel, all the characters in the story can only be met in real time (now), because of the force of people can use the time for time travel,It not only changes the material movement form of the present time axis, but also causes the chaos and confusion of the material form of space-time in the past, present and future, and the confusion of the past, present and future time axis, so the author named it as the space-time lost track.Mr.han go all the way from birth to the edge, his life’s trajectory, in the universe, there is a big probability until the force of law of contact time, palm day bottle, the karma coincidence, the universe to the space and time will be according to the physical state of space and time now, reflected a big probability the future state of time and space, it is like a mirror, with image, the future image its way,At a certain point, the image extended to the past, just han Li also arrived at that point, he met himself.In fact, only the han Li of this point is in the real time axis. If the Han Li of this point is hanged, all the state of the image will change. All the images are built on the basis of this reality.Ordinary people are still ordinary people, in the time law, space law, reincarnation law and other laws of the road, fighting with the day, explore the law of the road, prove the story of the supreme road.In short, the leading role han Li is the leading role Han Li, reincarnation Han Li is just reincarnation Han Li, although the leading role Han Li has similar experience with reincarnation Han Li, but the leading role Han Li is not reincarnation Han Li, but an independent individual.On the other hand, the author may want to reflect the reincarnation of Han Li through, but after crossing the time line is not the same as everything he had experienced.The following pictures are attached for illustration.You can post your own comments in the comments section.Like my article road friends, please pay attention to my small avanti lengthen by the point like more than 8 seconds, thank you!