Kulun Banner Public Security Bureau “three practical measures” to help enterprises solve problems

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, for the construction of a harmonious relationship between the people and build wind upright political ecology, promote economic and social development, cullen flags public security bureau to enterprises as the breakthrough point of the service area, adhering to the police education, the substantial work idea, closely around the public security work, to optimize the enterprise economic development environment, welcomed by jurisdiction common public, provide powerful guarantee for economic development.One is to carry out security patrols around enterprises.According to the distribution of enterprises, the local police stations adopt the patrol method of fixed location, regular period and fixed responsibility, and always maintain the security patrol around enterprises, so as to enhance the sense of security and satisfaction of enterprises while improving the deterrence.Second, resolve conflicts and disputes.In to the police station, that will be disputes as to optimize the business environment of the February to grasp, around the influence source sex, fundamental and basic problems of economic development, increasing trying to find and resolve the mediation efforts, actively explore the contradiction resolving mechanism, timely eliminate the unstable factors, efforts to create a harmonious business environment.At the same time, adhere to the source prevention, in-depth understanding of conflicts and disputes involving enterprises, so as to “daily investigation, weekly research and judgment, monthly tracking”, and strive to find in the early, disposal in small.Work together to address key problems.Adhere to comprehensive governance, for major conflicts and disputes, take the initiative to request, actively cooperate with the Party Committee and other relevant departments, to promote the resolution of problems.Third, improve business satisfaction.Banner Public Security Bureau adhere to the “satisfaction” as the guidance, constantly change the service form, improve the way of work, and strive to create a high-quality and efficient service environment.We will make innovations in service mechanisms.Further help enterprises to overcome difficulties, the implementation of “point-to-point” services, in-depth understanding of enterprise security and enterprise conditions, timely grasp the difficulties and problems of enterprises.Focus on the hot issues concerned by enterprises, actively close to, door-to-door service for enterprises, the implementation of appointment type, one-stop service, strictly implement the window unit “first responsibility system”, in accordance with the provisions, complete procedures for all kinds of matters, on the spot, innovation law enforcement methods, the implementation of sunshine policing,Public security work basis, procedures, service standards, time limit, supervision and complaint channels to the public, consciously accept supervision.