Li Guoping, head of the medical core expert team of Beijing Winter Olympic Games: I have an indissoluble bond with the 10th Olympic Games

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Experts interviewed:Li gp, chief medical officer of the Chinese Olympic committee, Beijing Olympic medical core team, the ioc medical commission core members of the international federation of sports medicine, the 12th session of the CPPCC national committee, the Chinese medical association medical branch founding chair, create the state general administration of sports sports hospitals, sports medicine branch of China sports science institute chair,He used to be the director of The Institute of Sports Medicine of General Administration of Sport of China and the winner of “Outstanding Achievements” in the second National Famous Doctor Ceremony.(Qi Yu, People’s Daily Health client) Six Summer Olympics, four Winter Olympics…Professor Li Guoping, who just celebrated his 68th birthday, will finish his medical service and guarantee work for the last Olympic Games as a member of the Ioc Medical Commission and the head of the medical core expert group for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.Health care as participate in the Olympic Games the Chinese national team work most times one of the experts, the Chinese medical association medical branch founding chair, professor li gp set up “a line of physio – hospital medical experts – sports – designated hospital” multi-level national medical service safeguard system, led the Chinese sports medicine from pursuing international level to and run, part of the beyond,He took the lead in proposing the concept of “physical and medical integration” and “a ‘healthy China’ needs a exercise prescription”.On his way to chongli Stadium in Zhangjiakou, Professor Li Guoping sat down with People’s Daily Health App to talk about his relationship with the Olympics and his expectations for sports medicine.As the chief medical officer of the Chinese Olympic Committee and the group leader of the core medical experts for the Beijing Winter Olympics,Li guoping participated in and led the medical security work of the Chinese national team for 6 Summer Olympic Games, 4 Winter Olympic Games, 1 Youth Olympic Games and many Asian Games.After serving as the chief medical officer of the Chinese Olympic team in 2000, Li was invited to serve as a member of the IOC medical Commission after the 2013 London Games.In order to ensure that more elite athletes can get good service, Professor Li Guoping established a multi-level national medical service guarantee system of “first-line team doctors – medical experts – sports hospitals – designated hospitals”.From the inception of the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games to the official launch of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, and now the Beijing Winter Olympics, the security system has played an important role, which makes Li proud.”In the past, the guarantee for athletes was based on treatment. There were great limitations in treating headaches and feet.The service guarantee system focuses on prevention, early intervention of athletes’ health status, comprehensive consideration of sports injury, sports rehabilitation, nutrition, mental health and other aspects, the development of personalized diagnosis and treatment plan.System overall construction aspect, from the frontline medical staff training and selection, to the medical expert diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes comprehensive planning, inspection, consultation, to the founding, jishuitan hospital, the research and the temple of heaven in Beijing hospital, Peking union medical college hospital, such as top hospitals designated, for the national team to provide fast and convenient, all-round, multi-level service guarantee.Professor li gp patrol worship ceremony Olympic medical service safeguard for upgrading, service of traditional Chinese medicine by the international attention in 2013 to the ioc medical commission as a committee member, li gp has been committed to share Chinese medical service characteristics, learning international advanced service experience, promote the combination of international sports medicine and sports medicine in China.Compared with the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, medical services for this Winter Olympics have been comprehensively improved.In terms of team staffing, we have received strong support from governments and medical institutions at all levels. Each venue is guaranteed by a top three class A hospital, and the number of participants has also increased compared to the past.For example, the Third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine has established five Medical security teams for the Winter Olympics to carry out medical security work in the third hospital of Beijing University of Medicine, the Third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine Chongli Hospital, the third Hospital of Beijing University of Medicine Yanqing Hospital, the Comprehensive clinic of Yanqing Winter Olympics Village, and the resident of zhangjiakou Winter Olympics Village of the National team, and build a solid defense line of medical security for the Winter Olympics.In terms of high-tech force, the helicopter support group escorts four helicopters, and each competition area has high-end medical support facilities.Yanqing Winter Olympics Village clinic, for example, has 18 professional departments, 3 medical technology departments and 1 pharmacy, equipped with high-quality DR square cabin, nuclear magnetic square cabin and mobile CT car comprehensive clinic.In addition, TCM protection services have become another highlight of the Winter Olympics.Chinese acupuncture and massages are so popular in the village that foreign athletes often line up to book an appointment.”There is still a lot of room for the development of TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine in promoting the health of athletes, and WE expect integrated Chinese and western medicine to play a more prominent role in the development of sports medicine.”Li Guoping said.As early as 2014, Li Guoping has put forward the concept of “physical medicine integration”.He said that sports is to promote people’s health, medical care is to maintain people’s health, the combination of the two can reduce medical costs, improve the health of the whole people, to achieve the threshold forward.Among them, “exercise prescription” can serve as a grip.”Every single one of us needs an exercise prescription.Let sports professionals, research and implement specific methods of sports to promote health, play a professional role;Make doctors fully aware of the impact of exercise on human health, and make exercise prescription a compulsory course.The combination of the two, with the best exercise programs, works together to promote health and medical development.”Li Guoping stressed.