Start day, see how Blue Friends defeat Megatron!

2022-06-17 0 By

I heard that the first day of construction, “blue friend” in the central video “Construction of Young” wonderful “talk” Megatron!Isn’t that cool?Blue small west, then, would take you review the moment don’t know if you have get from the games to “effective information” small west had written on the laptop anyway these fire safety knowledge to keep in mind that don’t fire prevention channel 01 storage battery, air or the ground can take up the fire escape.02 When entering and leaving shopping malls, supermarkets, KTV, cinemas, hotels and other crowded places, pay attention to observe the location of fire exits, evacuation channels and fire equipment.03 Electrical circuit should be protected to prevent leakage and short circuit, damage and aging should be replaced in time.Batteries cannot be charged at home or in the corridor, it is illegal!05 Oil pan fire should be quickly shut off the gas valve, cover the lid or with a large damp cloth, you can also pour a lot of cut vegetables into the pot or use a dry powder fire extinguisher (do not spit).Warm tips: It is suggested that families can install independent smoke detectors, keep gas masks, fire extinguishers and other fire extinguishing and escape equipment, to help timely fire extinguishing and escape in case of fire, so as to be well prepared.We really can’t put out these fires by rubbing an eraser on an exam.02 drink much come home wife angry “angry” don’t open the door, can’t put out!After the men’s football team lost to Vietnam 1:3 on the first day of the Chinese New Year, the fans couldn’t put out their anger.Warm tips: the fire of anger, the fire of anger, the fire of nameless……Firemen can’t be put out!Call on everyone not to occupy fire resources at will.Finally, dear mums, when blue Friend calls you to tell you he’s in training, he’s either on his way out of a police call or just back from a police call, they’re “lying” because they’re afraid you’ll be worried.In the New Year, I hope you will continue to learn fire safety knowledge with Xiaoxi, safe work and safe life