Villa landscape design: how to use the rocks when landscaping, learn these points, the courtyard more elegant

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The stone in the whole villa landscape can be used as the main scene, but also as a lining scene, often to the overall landscape or local landscape can play the role of finishing touch, also because most of the stone from nature, has an unparalleled affinity for nature, so loved by people.But in the landscape, too few rocks can not achieve the landscape effect, too much will create a hard, cold feeling, so how to use the rocks in the landscape, these principles, you must understand!Cocoa landscape design case work principle we know that the rock is take the unity of diverse in nature, but it has very good plasticity, can make a variety of arts and crafts or modelling, at the same time for different types of rocks with different texture and color, this is hard to choose to exactly the same as in the same courtyard of stone, but in this limited space,According to the style and use of the garden from color lines and other aspects to ensure the harmony and unity of the overall landscape, it will make the garden landscape look more stylish!Cocoa used in landscape design case work principle of quality of a material is exquisite garden rocks is varied, also different quality of a material is natural, its USES natural stone for the different quality of a material is also different, such as smooth marble and stone texture is more exquisite, used for flooring and more simple sense, as some of the stone and gravel texture belongs to medium,Many will be laid in large areas, and the texture of large stones and unpolished stone is very rough, mostly used for fences and retaining walls.The simplicity here is absolutely not what you understand as pale and empty simple, although the elements do not look much in the visual, but even so it is also contains the concept of style and feelings, as we common modern simple wind.For example, decorate a few pieces of stone in the lawn, can also be used as a rest seat, for example, use long stone to build a path, with some gardens, can also create a sense of layers of the ground, and become a natural interest of its own…Cocoa landscape design case work is moderate principles need to be aware of rock landscape is beautiful, also very elegant and natural charm, but in terms of living experience, garden rocks is unfavorable design is too big, too much too because rock will occupy the position of the earth, and hot summer absorption heat is not lost, also can let a person feel too hot even in the night,In the cold winter, the surrounding heat absorbed by the rocks will make the courtyard feel cold, and the rainy season will hinder the evaporation of water, increasing the humidity of the courtyard!So the courtyard stone must follow the principle of moderation!Coco landscape design case works above is the introduction of coco landscape for villa garden stone use need to follow the principle!As one of the important elements of landscape architecture, rocks in most cases are the background, but after ingenious design and layout, can always bring different visual experience to the garden landscape, but also can improve the style and temperament of the garden!Hangzhou Keke Landscape, focusing on villa garden landscape design, construction, maintenance services, aims to use design to create exquisite garden landscape, create ecological health outdoor leisure space!Beautiful garden, design first!Outdoor ecological landscape design, we have been on the road…If there is a garden landscape design needs, welcome to understand!Note: the above article with pictures from keke landscape design case works, do not use without permission!