Mother of a 16-year-old girl who gave up her studies and worked for a network anchor to support her family

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With the development of science and technology network, a variety of mobile phone apps and network broadcast software emerge and become a job for some people. The term network anchor should be familiar to everyone.Not long ago, xiao Li (pseudonym), a 16-year-old girl, spent all her family’s money in order to tip an anchor. Her mother said all the family’s money was in a savings card attached to her mobile phone.Xiao Li’s mother found that the situation was wrong to her husband, how could so much money be missing?Xiao Li beat the anchor, spent 550,000 yuan in ten days, spent all the family property.Xiao Li, 16, is still at school, and her parents are often away because they are always on the move for business.Xiao Li has also been living on campus rarely together.Because of the epidemic, I was swiping my mobile phone at home, and suddenly I found that the money in my phone was gone. My mother found that all her savings were gone in her card, and all her belongings were gone. The couple had not gone out recently, nor had any contact with anyone.Father wondered if the money had been taken by a swindler.So the father took the family to the police station to report the crime, just went to half xiaoli admitted that the money is spent, Xiaoli knew he was wrong, the heart has been very guilty.At that time, Xiao Li just went to the second year of high school, she downloaded a friend APP in the platform there is a voice anchor, Xiao Li put all the money used to reward the anchor.Gifts have high and bottom, Xiaoli from the beginning to reward dozens of yuan to later thousands, tens of thousands and then to more than 100,000.At most, Xiao Li awarded 120,000 yuan a day.She knows a lot of anchors, gifts are up to 3,000 yuan each.Because she has no one to listen to and no one to talk to in real life, only the Internet can find the listener she wants, She said.There are all kinds of topics about interpersonal relationship and emotion in the host, because every time I submit my homework, I need to use my mother’s mobile phone, and the mobile phone password is the same as the payment password, which makes it much easier for Xiaoli to pay.Smooth is used to reward the anchor, xiao Li is also very eager to have a personal certification to listen to her talk, the reality can not find to find the network anchor.Director of the hospital’s Internet addiction Center: there are many children like her now. Children hope to be paid attention to and understood, and also hope to reflect their own value. It is normal for children at the age of 15-16 in their rebellious period.When parents fail to provide such needs, children turn these needs to society and the Internet.Xiao Li’s parents who work in the field can not see several times all the year round. It is not easy for parents to gather less and leave more for the family.The mother said she could stay with her child every day. If she stayed with her child every day, how could she afford to support her child and continue family life?All the savings in the home were xiaoli used to reward anchor, mother let xiaoli go to work with their mother’s decision, Xiaoli chose silence, although xiaoli grades are not very good, but also can keep up with the rhythm of learning.She was still somewhat resistant to subsidizing her family’s expenses.Xiao Li mother said the situation forced, had to let the children drop out of school to follow their own to work in other places, parents originally prepared to take these money is also home to build the house arrears, there are factory Li’s foreign debt also did not pay.I wanted to use the software APP to eat some interest, but I didn’t expect to lose it like this.Xiaoli’s mother also found a live broadcast software provider to communicate, the software provider said that Xiaoli’s registration information has come of age, the gift after the recharge is also considered consumption, all can not be returned.The platform also has a regulation, must make the real name ability consumption, how anticipate small beautiful is to use the net friend information ability authentication, find a lawyer to say consumption level and her age does not accord with as guardian can be investigated.My mother also decided to negotiate with the company that developed the software first. If the negotiation failed, she went to the headquarters of the APP company, hoping to recover the money.Author: With the arrival of information technology, the pace of life is getting faster and faster, the pressure of parents also comes to the greater, as parents we not only have to work hard for the family life outside, the children at home also need us very much.Spending time with your child as he or she grows will also give him or her a chance to speak out.Do you see it differently?Leave a comment in the comments section!Discover social hot spots, call for positive energy, and tell stories!Statement: picture source network, if there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank