Square dancing, watching movies, playing checkers…How does this rehabilitation center in Kaifeng do psychological counseling for employees in closed management

2022-06-18 0 By

Facing a new round of COVID – 19 outbreak, since January 6, 2022 since the implementation of closed management, has been for the past 33 days, in order to further eliminate the worker stress, alleviate tension and anxiety, kaifeng rehabilitation center for disabled children by conducting various forms of entertainment, help worker healthy to keep positive and optimistic state of mind, in a good condition for children services,The epidemic prevention and control work of the center was carried out smoothly.During the closed management period, the person in charge of the center actively arranged and organized the staff to carry out square dancing, watching movies, playing checkers and other activities during the rest, constantly enriching everyone’s spare time life.Among them, square dance has become one of the most popular sports, while participating in the staff also actively choreography, creative enthusiasm is very high.The person in charge of the center said that the center will continue to innovate forms, through the development of rich and colorful cultural and sports activities, to help workers in the closed management period effectively relieve their emotions, further enhance the cohesion of the team, centripetal force, combat effectiveness, to create a positive, healthy, optimistic working atmosphere.Edited by: Mu Zi reviewed by: He Xin