Wuhan Station district Office carried out on-site nucleic acid testing

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New green germinating, the earth spring, and to the flower like a brocade of the season.As the temperature gradually warms up, flowers are blooming in Wuhan railway Station, such as splendid cherry blossoms, blushing magnolia, and water lilies as white as jade…Wuhan station to become a feast for the eyes.At Wuhan Station, passengers can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery in spring, but also enjoy the considerate service at home.In order to meet the actual needs of travelers for nucleic acid testing upon arrival, wuhan Station District Office took the initiative to provide services and set up two free nucleic acid testing sites in the East-West Square.All passengers need to do is scan the “Wuhan Epidemic” health code and register for nucleic acid testing.The reporter saw that at each exit, temporary waiting areas were set up in the station area office, with hard quarantine lines, epidemic prevention announcements, billboards, warm tips, signs and other signs along the line, and special personnel were arranged to guide passengers to nucleic acid testing sites.Passengers wore masks at all times, kept a safe distance of more than one meter, and took the test immediately. The whole nucleic acid testing process was organized, completed efficiently, and convenient.At the same time, wuhan station station do further strengthen epidemic prevention and control measures, earnestly implement the in and out of the station passenger green code inspection, wearing masks, temperature monitoring measures, strictly to do overseas and domestic high risk during return (to) overseas termination of isolation from the han han personnel reception, such as closed loop management, daily key area for thorough disinfection, publicity of epidemic prevention knowledge, from the intravenous drip,Start from the details, and constantly improve the passenger travel experience, so that this spring more “temperature”.Host | hongshan district party committee propaganda department of the communist party of China, hongshan district media center reporter 丨 Wang Wanjun (correspondent Shi Wei) art 丨 eleven coordinating editor 丨 Xia Min sound | | old bing as a whole paper reviewing wang Juan hongshan city of high quality, the construction of the university city university WeChat public ID: HSDXZC