Xu Long lock finally open!Give up 4 mixed son, promote 2 supernova, Shandong staged youth storm

2022-06-18 0 By

If the fans want most class three coaches this season should be a jiang, Xu Changsuo, marbury, so in the first place, no doubt is Xu Changsuo, the second phase is over, shandong men’s basketball team high-speed 28 rounds home-country crowd at 15 10th – 13, shandong team the result, also let many people ridicule, to say the shandong team let head coach Xu Changsuo later,He became the focus of the outside world, when fans think Xu Changsuo, this season is going to lead the shandong team triumphantly, unexpectedly shandong team this season’s record has plummeted, Xu Changsuo now also is to have unshirkable responsibility, first of all in Xu Changsuo on tactics, is too old, now a lot of teams already know the shandong team tactics,Their reckoning on Hudson and radley walter, shandong men’s basketball team in these two foreign aid are also lives, if the two men play is not good, shandong team will have the risk of loss, and in the aspect of choose and employ persons, using TaoHanLin Xu Changsuo is ten thousand, whether in the face of strong teams, or weaker teams, TaoHan s playing a full game is to,But this season is the shandong team brought nova Ma Xinxin abandoned directly, it also makes a lot of fans feel doubt, because now the shandong team players age has been big, in the next few years after they retired, shandong team may face a period state, if shandong team haven’t star talent, shandong will become during the future,Then the coach Xu Changsuo recently seems to have a goose, shandong men’s basketball team has now started training, shandong team in training on a supernova player, he is Duan Angjun, known as Duan Ang jun once for stepping up the national team, is the university’s star player, strength be reckoned, is his best position on the pitch,So besides Duan Angjun mentioned the first-team, Xu Changsuo said Ma Xinxin can be reused in the third stage, he also said the shandong into the playoffs should be no problem, 3 phase we are going to save power, let TaoHanLin rest more, exercise more this two young players, now it seems this is staged in shandong youth storm, for his chance that two stars,Stage 3 Ding Yanyu navigation and JiaoHaiLong also want to return, so in the third stage of the shandong team players appear very crowded, so Xu Changsuo had to make a choice, so now there are 2 players, not with the team training, respectively is SiKun and Ma Guanghan, this two people obviously has been abandoned, so now it is there will be 2 people, also to be Xu Changsuo give up,It is liu Yi and Liu Guancen who scored 0 points. Why are they called 0 points? Because at the end of the second stage, they scored 0 points in several consecutive games, which also made Xu Changsuo very angry, and this is also the reason for giving up them.