High risk areas in the province after zero, Zhengzhou, Anyang, Ruzhou access policy update!

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As the Chinese New Year holiday approaches the halfway point, many readers are starting to wonder about returning home.As the whole anyang city became a low-risk area at 0 o ‘clock on February 3, all medium-high risk areas in Henan were cleared.So, is there any change in the policy of personnel returning to Zhengzhou in the province?Is it necessary to prepare and check the nucleic acid test certificate in advance?Reporters today for you to probe into zhengzhou, Anyang, Ruzhou three places of the latest access policy, look!On the afternoon of February 3, zhengzhou will no longer check nucleic acid certificates for people coming to Zhengzhou, but they still need to scan codes, measure temperatures and report in advance, the reporters learned from the social prevention and control Department of Zhengzhou epidemic prevention and control Headquarters.At the moment, the latest announcement on epidemic prevention and control of zhengzhou city or January 30 “39 notice”, and according to the announcement, the content of the zhengzhou city outside (return) to zheng, must inform the community live belong to 3 days in advance, and log in “zheng” easy APP – back to zheng personnel registration management system, fill out personal information,Those who fail to register and report in advance as required shall complete the information report within 24 hours upon arrival.What consequences will Zheng bear if it fails to report?For those who fail to report in advance, zhengzhou Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters will push a reminder message to them. Upon receipt of the reminder, they must complete the report within 24 hours and implement their personal epidemic prevention and control measures.If you fail to fulfill your personal protection responsibilities within the specified time, zhengzhou Health Code will give you a “red code”. If you are assigned a “red code”, you should immediately contact the community where you live, report the health code status and alert message content, and implement relevant control measures according to the requirements of the community.Avoid taking public transport, attending gatherings and visiting crowded places until the personal risk is resolved.Anyang February 3, 0 o ‘clock, Anyang city, the whole region reduced to a low risk area, successfully picked the star.So, is there a change in the policy of entering and leaving Anyang expressway now?Later, the reporter asked Liu Hongling, the person in charge of the epidemic prevention and control card point of anlin Expressway and Anyang Development Zone.What procedures do I need to go back to Anyang?To return to Anyang from outside anyang city, a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, a double-code green code, and a residence certificate or acceptance certificate issued by the community (village committee) to which you are going should be submitted in advance.What are the procedures for departure?Citizens who need to leave Anyang to go outside anyang city need a negative nucleic acid test within 48 hours, as well as a certificate of departure issued by their community.What procedure does cross area flow need inside anyang City domain?Flow across counties (cities, districts) in Anyang city, up and down at high speed only requires negative nucleic acid test certificate within 48 hours.Liu Hongling told reporters that at present their site in addition to the material transfer station to withdraw, from the security back to security policy and no change.On February 3, the Office of the Headquarters for COVID-19 prevention and control of Ruzhou city issued notice No. 24 through the public account “Healthy Ruzhou”, which is to further improve health management services for returnees.Returned should be reported to the is really necessary, the recent return to 3 days in advance to return to the village (community) report, and focus on “health ruzhou” WeChat number reported to the public, or directly reported to the scan qr code, details about return trip, 14 days return way, health, living in the information such as history, and in return, provide within 48 hours of nucleic acid testing negative evidence.Based on the risk level of the regions from which returnees come, centralized quarantine and home health monitoring will be implemented.The measures of “14-day quarantine + 7-day health monitoring at home” will be strictly implemented for those who have returned from medium-high risk areas or those with a history of living in such areas within the past 14 days, and nucleic acid testing services will be provided for 7 times during the period.The measures of “7-day home health monitoring” will be implemented for people returning from cities in medium-high risk areas.To accept the masses to report: 110, 120, 0375-6051168, 0375-6951168.Source: Dahe Daily yu video reporter Kang Yafai gao Zhiqiang Niu Jingfang, health Ruzhou copyright attribution of the original author, if there is infringement please contact delete rect: Du Ruosen review: Wang Shiyang