Quanzhou City forestry bureau actively planning state-owned forestry investment projects

2022-06-19 0 By

To further broaden state-owned forest farm development channel, promote forest farm transformation and efficiency development.On February 25th, Chen Kunfa, chairman of Xiamen Sanjiu Pankou Engineering Technology Co., LTD., accompanied by Liao Daobin, deputy director of Quanzhou Forestry Bureau, went to south Anluoshan State-owned Forest Farm to inspect the tourism development and investment attraction project of forest park.The delegation visited tianxing Lake, Henglin scenic area and other scenic spots in the forest park, and held a forum for investment promotion. Chen Yuanle, the director of the field, introduced in detail the general rules of the forest park, geographical location, forest resources, landscape resources, traffic conditions and so on, and the two sides launched an exchange and discussion.Chen Kunfa, chairman of the board, said that Luoshan Forest farm has obvious advantages in resource landscape and location. After the visit, he would carefully consider related cooperation matters.Since last year, Quanzhou Forestry Bureau in accordance with the requirements of the city’s investment promotion conference, set up investment promotion work leading group, actively planning forestry investment projects, increase project promotion efforts, promote high-quality development of forestry.In the next step, Quanzhou will give full play to the resource advantage of the state-owned forest farm, the location is significant, open the door to do the forest farm, further strengthen the project docking, and strive to achieve breakthroughs in forest tourism, forest health and other aspects.