World preliminary: Messi absence, lautaro Argentina 1-0 Colombia 29 games unbeaten, too cattle

2022-06-19 0 By

At 7:30 a.m. Beijing time, The World Cup South American zone qualifiers continue, Argentina host visiting Colombia.Because of the reason of Messi’s body, did not enter the big list of this round of world preliminary matches.But the mighty Argentina have no shortage of strikers and it was Lautaro’s first-half sweep that led to a 1-0 win over Colombia.Missing six players from the side that won the Copa America last year, Argentina still beat Colombia, showing their ability and the strength of their bench.After all, Colombia is not an underdog in international football.Argentina remain second in the table with an unbeaten record of 35 points, 10 wins and 5 draws, just one point behind leaders Brazil with a game in hand.Laurota scored in a row with the Angels in a 2-1 win over Chile in the previous round.He also became the top scorer of the Scaroni era, ahead of even Lionel Messi, scoring 19 goals in 37 games for Argentina.