26 minutes to lose the ball!Chinese women’s football collective sleepwalking, by The Japanese blitzkrieg hit, miss a person

2022-06-20 0 By

At 22:00 PM on February 3, Beijing time, China women’s football team and Japan’s Asian Cup semi-final began.Before the match began, some fans and media still fantasized about the Chinese women’s football team beating its rivals and making it to the Asian Cup final.However, from the beginning of the game, the Japanese team was on top of the Chinese team and knew it would take a miracle for China to win.In the 26th minute of the match, The Chinese team was caught by the Japanese team.At that time, the Japanese team players in the side easily kick in the cross, encircled in place teammates easily scored.The full-back, centre-back and goalkeeper were all partly to blame for China’s first goal loss.First, the full-backs did not put enough pressure on the Passing Japanese winger.The Japanese wide player had plenty of time and space to adjust and almost aimed the pass.Then is the central defender to outflank in place of the Japanese grab point players, basically are watching.If the two central defenders can jump up to interfere, the Japanese players will not be so easy to steal the goal.In the end, goalkeeper Zhu Yu’s timing was so poor that she should have attacked the ball early and controlled the landing point.To sum up, The Chinese women’s football team lost the first ball, is the collective sleepwalking caused by the defensive line.Li Jiayue led the defensive line, when the Vietnamese team on the poor performance.Vietnam team through small quick spirit of cooperation, has repeatedly hit the Chinese women’s football defense.For this reason, fans suggested that Shui Qingxia adjust the defensive line, but shui Qingxia is suffering from no one available.If Shui qingxia takes the underperforming Li Jiayue, the strength and performance of the rest of the central defenders are not as good as her.Many fans felt that if wu haiyan had been in the back defense, the women’s soccer team would not have been beaten so many times by Japan.Wu Haiyan is the magic pin of the Chinese women’s football team’s defense, and her role in the game is not only limited to the technical and tactical level, but also in the spirit of the irreplaceable.It is a pity that Wu Haiyan suffered injuries before the Asian Cup in women’s football, no advance into the list.So in this case, Shui Qingxia can only use Li Jiayue to play the main force, the result was beaten by the opponent.(Luo Manager)