New Service guide for Spring Festival tour diqing

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The Year of the Tiger is coming, in diqing New Year what fun scenic spots, some of what kind of preferential measures, come to poke poke these service guide!I. Meili Snow Mountain Scenic Spot: 1. Jinshajiang Dawan Scenic Spot implements a half-ticket policy for household registration in Diqen Prefecture.2, fog thick top, flying temple, Mingyong glacier, rain collapse on the household registration of Diqen state free policy.2. Balagzon Scenic Area of Shangri-La Grand Canyon :1. Package price of Tibetan ecological hotel in scenic area :500/ room (including 2 regular tickets of scenic area +2 breakfast)2. Package price of Shuizhuang Hotel :400/ room (limited standard room) (including 2 regular tickets of scenic area +2 breakfast)3.This package price is not disaggregated and will be settled according to the number of rooms. If there is a single occupancy, the package price will be applied.) The activity period is from December 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022.Songzhanlin Scenic Spot ticket: 90 YUAN/person (including sightseeing bus + explanation in the park) Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am — 18:00 PM Tel: 08878229411 Yunnan Golden Monkey Ticket: 70 yuan/person, ticket 50 yuan/person Opening hours:From February 1 to February 7, the scenic spot is open for booking from 8:30 am to 11:30 am and from 14:00 to 16:00 PM. For more information, call 08878756223.08878232533 Balagzong Scenic Spot: 215 YUAN/person (ticket + scenic spot sightseeing bus + ancient city round-trip bus – adult ticket) Consultation phone: 0887 — 8286616 Tiger Leaping Gorge scenic spot ticket: 45 yuan/person Opening time: Monday to Sunday 8:00 am — 18:00 PM Meili Snow Mountain Feilei Temple Viewing Platform scenic spot ticket:Opening hours: 8:00 am — 18:00 PM, Monday to Sunday, epidemic prevention and Control and Safe travel during the 2022 Spring Festival Holiday.In order to let the tourists spend a safe, healthy, civilized and peaceful Spring Festival and ensure safe travel, The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Deqen Prefecture reminds you: 1. Do a good job of protection and healthy travel.Tourists should make proper arrangements for their trips, protect themselves, pay close attention to the epidemic prevention and control policies of their destinations, comply with epidemic prevention requirements and measures, prepare valid documents such as ID cards, “health code” and “itinerary code”, take temperature tests, wear masks, and observe the distance of “one meter line”.Pay attention to the physical health of individuals and their families. If fever, cough, sore throat, fatigue, smell (taste) loss of sensation, diarrhea and other symptoms occur, travel activities should be immediately suspended, and immediately go to the nearest fever clinic or designated medical institutions for treatment and screening.Two, avoid clustering, wrong peak travel.Check scenic spots’ opening and flow limiting measures before traveling.In accordance with the relevant provisions of the scenic spot, the park interval, staggered peak tour.Scenic spots should strictly implement the ticket reservation system, implement the requirements of “limited, reservation and peak shifting”, and strengthen the cleanliness and elimination of sites.Travel agencies should strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control work in attracting, organizing and receiving tourists.Three, rational consumption, avoid low-price tour trap.When participating in group travel, choose qualified travel agencies, beware of network fraud, telecom fraud, consciously resist “unreasonable low price tour” and other false propaganda.When signing a travel contract, we should know the content of the contract and keep the evidence of consumption.Fourth, strengthen prevention, safe travel.When entering scenic spots, strictly abide by fire control, security and other safety management regulations, do not use open fire without authorization to prevent fire accidents.Consciously abide by the announcements and warnings issued by the local government and relevant departments.When using the means of transportation, we should strictly observe the regulations on safety management, obey the traffic laws and regulations, and travel safely.Five, obey the order, civilized travel.Conscientiously abide by the epidemic prevention and control system of tourist destinations.Respect local customs and religious beliefs, observe public order and social ethics, and actively advocate civilized, healthy and green travel trends to spread positive energy.Vi. Properly respond to emergencies and safeguard rights rationally in accordance with the law.Before going out, understand the tourism law, Regulations on Travel Agencies, Provisions of the Supreme People’s Court on Tourism Disputes, protection of Consumer Rights and interests and other laws and regulations on tourism rights and interests, and use legal weapons to protect their own rights and interests.In case of disputes in the process of tourism, timely contact the tour guide and scenic area service staff to reflect the situation to seek solutions, but also by calling the following telephone number to complain: Diqen Tourism consultation complaint telephone: 0887-8882222 Li Bin Wenwenqi photo provided by Diqen Tourism Bureau responsible for Ma Yinrui review Li Yuan