Peugeot 5008 Have your cake and eat it!

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In fact, romance cannot be the core selling point for French cars to impress consumers, as can be seen from the sales of French cars in China in recent years.But that doesn’t mean French cars don’t have other selling points besides romance.Recently, xiaobian test drive dongfeng Peugeot new 50087 GT flagship version after this point is deeply touched.New lion soul aesthetics, more pleasing to the eye as a medium to change models, the new 5008 in the shape of the new.Although only changed some details, but the new lion soul aesthetics, more pleasing to the eye.The front face of the new car dot matrix of the intake grille, and the two sides of the tusk-like headlights, together with the “lion” eye-catching embedded in the intake grille, the whole front face of the layers of the sense of full recognition is very high.At the same time, the side lines are smooth and slender, showing an elegant and sensual side.However, the new car is decorated with black panels in the side skirt, and there is a thick chrome trim right above the side skirt, which gives a stronger sense of unity while visually raising the height of the chassis.Columns B and C have been blackened to create a floating roof, and 19-inch brick-cut wheels make the sidecar look elegant and sporty.Come to the rear of the new car, although there is no through type of taillight design, but the internal structure of the two sides of the lamp group is particularly delicate, quite lion element charm, at the same time, the middle of the two sides of the lamp group is also used to smoke black processing, so that it looks like a through type of lamp belt, quite distinctive.In addition, the new car also uses two sides of the exhaust port design, further enhance the sporty atmosphere.Of course, the French romance is not only superficial, its interior design also continues that romance.The new 5008 interior design layer sense is obvious, at the same time luxurious texture performance is not vulgar.The 12.3-inch LCD meter, the 10-inch floating center screen, the chrome buttons, and even the large area of Alan Tara material used in the two sides of the door panels, center console, etc., create a luxurious and technological atmosphere.Secondly, the new car also adopts environmental protection design.The moment you get into the car, you can feel the charm of this design.It’s both safe and driver-friendly, because the center screen and the buttons are tilted toward the main side of the Cockpit, which Peugeot calls i-Cockpit.A lot of people say that romance is too empty, because it is more fiction than reality that makes it romantic.However, most Chinese consumers are realists. This is not to say that Chinese consumers do not like to pursue romance, but to pursue romance on the basis of practicality. It is good to have a romantic atmosphere, but it does not seem to have much impact.Peugeot, as a car brand with a history of more than 200 years, is not ignorant of Chinese consumers, especially in recent years after setbacks in the Chinese market, Peugeot has made adjustments and changes, from the new 5008 can be seen.First of all, in some details, the new 5008 shows a practical side, but also shows a romantic side.For example, the new 5008 wiper is no longer a sprinkler type, at first I thought the wiper was broken and there was no glass water spraying on the front windshield. Later I learned that the new 5008 glass water is no longer spraying from the hood, but from the back of the wiper.In this way, there will be no glass water blocking the front view when using the wiper to clean.For example, the new 5008 is also good in space.Space has always been one of the main factors for domestic consumers to consider when buying a car, and the new 5008, a medium-sized SUV, has a 2840mm wheelbase, leading the space performance of the same class.In addition, the new 5008 also has a “5+2” seat layout, space utilization is quite high.How to understand “5+2”?To put it simply, it can be 5 seats, 6 seats, 7 seats, while supporting the disassembly of the third row of seats.When the third row seats are not in use, they can be retracted and hidden, so the second row can be moved back, giving the second row more legroom.The new 5008’s third-row seats will be an advantage as the three-child policy or family travel boom makes seven-seater models more suitable.It is worth mentioning that the romance of the new 5008 is also intimate.The new car has a folding plate at the back of the third row, which can be used to cover and pave the third row when the seats are reclined.Again for example, there is still a “boss key” in the back of vice – driving seat, in fact, these intimate design is just the charm of Peugeot.There is also plenty of storage space, such as a slot for your phone, keys and a cup holder in the center aisle.In the meantime, in control armrest still has a very deep store content space, and after opening lamp source illume still has, at the same time this store content space contains freezer effect, although be not freezer, having however of similar idea is wonderful.Be in sorching summer, put coke of a bottle of ice, believe to put for a long time also can feel that cool and refreshing, these designs are romantic place likewise.What’s more, the new 5008 is also very rich in configuration, including wireless charging, panoramic skylight, 360-degree panoramic image, Car Play, Car Life and so on.No matter be a space, or close small design, or it is configuration, these are “realism” reflect, and there is no lack of romantic breath among them.Obviously, the selling point of the new 5008 is no longer just “romance”, but practicality is also one of its highlights.Dynamic, compact chassis is the advantage of the dynamic performance of the new 5008, can be used to describe the word “familiar:”, driving texture is still very French car taste.The new 50087 GT flagship is equipped with a 1.8T engine, matched with an 8AT transmission, which can output 155kW of high power and 300N·m of maximum torque.In contact with the vehicle, you will find that its start is very smooth, in the high-speed driving in the middle and rear section is still explosive, power is not to worry about, even if the new 5008 is a medium-sized SUV, but it does not drive the “ship” feeling.However, at the beginning of contact with the vehicle, you will find that its brake adjustment is more sensitive, but after several days of contact with it, you can find a run-in point, which is really more and more sweet.It is worth mentioning that the new 5008 uses a small steering wheel, feel very good, quite a taste of racing, while steering feel light, open up quite comfortable.In addition, the new 5008 inherited the consistent heritage of French cars in the adjustment of the chassis.The new 5008 chassis gives a person the feeling is more solid, tight, in the speed bump will be able to deeply feel this, even if the speed is slightly faster, but also can filter out most of the vibration, sitting in the car is comfortable.Of course, the new 5008 also offers a variety of driving modes, including standard, snow, sand and mud, which can handle all kinds of complicated road conditions.In addition, the new 5008’s adaptive cruise system adopts the dial lever opening mode, easy to use but also easy to use.Insight into the Chinese car demand, is the new 5008 smart from the new 5008 body, will be aware of dongfeng Peugeot some new thinking, such as the design of the refresh, as well as the Chinese consumer demand control ability.In fact, Dongfeng Peugeot 5008 this model in the space, small design is to spend a lot of ideas, both romantic breath, and have practical, this is dongfeng Peugeot’s new thinking.Moreover, Dongfeng Peugeot’s thinking is not only on the product, but also launched the “five heart guard” to ensure that users have a new experience from car purchase to late car use, maintenance and other aspects.Under such thinking and transformation, Dongfeng Peugeot’s sales volume has also picked up. The cumulative sales volume in the first quarter of this year has also achieved a year-on-year growth of 203%. It can be seen that dongfeng Peugeot’s series of measures have been effective.