Beijingers are tied to noodles for life

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It is said that people in the north know how to eat dumplings. They eat dumplings on any festival, and wish they had stuffed pumpkin on Halloween. In fact, this is not the case.That’s very respectful of dumplings.In Beijing, it’s less important than noodles — if dumplings were emperors, noodles would probably be gods.Beijingers have to eat dumplings at least once a year, which is like a ceremony in ancient times.Noodles are different. They are eaten on New Year’s day, for birthdays, when they are hot and when they are cold. They are like a god, weighing nine times in the sky, and hanging three feet above the head in their shrine, and hanging on everyone’s lips.I have never heard of anyone eating dumplings every day, but there are really 700 Beijing people who eat noodles every year. It is said that when Mr. Zhang Xilin, the famous crosstalk master, was alive, he would eat noodles every time except breakfast.© “Eating Noodles” Beijing noodles, even if delicious, can it be worth so infatuated with, eat not tired of eating?As the Chinese New Year is coming, let’s roughly count how many delicious noodles there are in Beijing in the next four seasons.Spring in Beijing, New Year, new people, new life, eat noodles first.Moreover, eating is probably the same bowl – “the first day of the first two dumplings, the third box to turn home”.Like the second day of this bowl of noodles, may be noodles, because it solemn.Braised noodles, the king of Beijing noodles, the highest standard of noodles in the folk.Old Beijingers treat it as if it were a treasure of the country and should not be moved lightly.The noodles should be eaten at any life-changing event such as birthday, wedding, full moon, housewarming and family separation.© Public Comment: Cher chengcheng, even nobles and rich businessmen, will never make a gravy every time.Like ordinary people, they only dare to invite the king of the bowl of noodles in three sections and two birthdays.”God created Beijingers, and noodles make everyone equal in Beijing.”In itself, it is not surprising.Hand-pulled noodles are the best. Stewed meat slices, mushrooms, agaric mushrooms, day lily, eggs and shiitake mushrooms. Cornstarch in broth and white pepper sprinkled.Other are additional items: pay attention to the point can boil mushrooms soup, can also add dried shrimp or fresh bamboo shoots, it is best to add caraway, love to eat coriander pretty little coriander, finally to fry a spoonful of hot pepper oil spilled on, it will be thick, fragrant, fresh, cool one.© Delicious Food Station in the past, Beijing was short of fresh vegetables in winter, so it had to take dried vegetables to save patterns, so as to get rid of the influence of the season. The result was universally accepted and irreplaceable: even if you add sea cucumber and shrimp chicken slices to make sanxian lu, it would not work without day lily.Because of the complexity of the materials and the ancient taste, it is not necessary to make bittern at home today, and most of the bittern sold outside also taste bad.However, according to the old Beijing concept, it is probably a peaceful and prosperous time when noodles with noodles can be eaten everywhere.When the weather is getting warmer and plants sprout, it’s time for a bowl of mutton noodles.One is because the spring cold will end, do not eat mutton noodles, hot days can not eat.Two because hua Jiaoshu hair buds, for the face of the eyes of the soul appeared.The so-called roast mutton, the main ingredient is lamb ribs or waist nest, first simmer and then finally fried, the skin crisp fragrant, plump inside, is the east city “Baikui old restaurant” first dish.When Bai Kui was in Longfu Temple, the guest often bought roasted mutton, and asked the clerk for some original broth for cooking meat. He went to the noodle shop next door and bought fresh noodles. He boiled noodles in the original broth, covered with roasted mutton, and pulled together a handful of Chinese prickly ash sprouts before putting them into the pot.This bowl of delicious food created by diners shocked the capital, today everywhere, but do not show bai Kui.Roast mutton noodles, can send winter to spring, fried sauce noodles in full bloom, spring really enveloped Beijing.Cucumber shreds, small radish shreds, bean mouths, Chinese toon, radish tassels, bean sprouts are called “choicai”, cut some winter storage cabbage shreds, peel a new garlic, to eat “vinegar garlic”, garlic minced rice vinegar on a small dish, also good.Spring breeze, people’s appetite stretch, “small bowl of dry fried” is tempting.Fried sauce five tiger, sauce meat onion oil water, sauce to dry yellow sauce, meat is best multifariform three layers cut ding son, beef fried sauce, egg fried sauce is also fragrant.Noodles?Hand-pulled noodles aspect, cooked mix sauce called “pan pick” directly, hot weather is back to the cold water, too lazy to cut code?You can wash the root cucumber. Eat it!When the fried noodles from the pot pick gradually eat water, the day is hot, lentils off the market, buy home braised noodles.According to wave ballad singing actor wang yue, lentils, stewed noodles have a special tip: lentils burn to five mature, scooped out part of the rest of the spread a layer of dough, lentils and juice repave half lentils, a level again, finally cover the remaining lentils, three layers of such a braised lentils two level, more flavor, the mature degree also differ, taste more levels.▲ You can also scoop out part of the soup, raw noodles in the pot when pouring © Pinot Cuisine opened a meal gulp down, aftertaste so few days, listening to the roadside arctic ocean glass bottle cap a “bo”, summer arrived.Xia Toufu dumplings erfu noodles, the so-called erfu noodles, nine out of ten is sesame paste cold noodles – worthy of the Beijing people, sesame paste is not afraid of the end of the world.But tahini noodles, they shouldn’t just be tahini.Some snack shops sell, cut some cucumber silk, pour a spoonful of garlic water, simply bully people, also bully face:It is said that in the early years, there were even rules on the varieties of pickled carrots – preferably a common name of “red ribs” baby carrots, which are now rare.This is probably out of a past enjoyment mentality: the winter can be left radish cabbage, also do not take advantage of green vegetables shuiling big feast!It’s a shame to just slice a cucumber.Try a richer version of the tahini noodles, the soy sauce cuan.The so-called “cuan” actually refers to a soup dish without the thickening of flour, compared with the brine. The simplest kind of cuan is soy sauce cooked with minced scallion, ginger and garlic.© Old Fan Bone Beijing people love “blanch” very much.The most common food is eggplant blanch, celery, cowpea, lentil a summer vegetables can do “blanch” noodles, and even at home, there is no food, stalls eggs and shrimp skin can “blanch”, lazy noodles.If that’s not enough, we’ll have cold noodles.Normally cold noodles from the northeast, not Beijing to eat, but the west four Yanji restaurant cold noodles, household registration is absolutely Beijing.The soup, noodles and cold noodles hats are all localized and more suitable for Beijing people to eat noodles. Therefore, the soy sauce and beef soup made from thick noodles, onion, ginger and garlic juice, and the cold noodles hats that are not rich enough have become heresies in the eyes of northeast friends.© Wiki But Beijing people can always defend it one hundred times: coarse noodles are the best, and too many side dishes will affect the taste, especially the bowl of salty, fresh and cold cold noodle soup. Pour some white vinegar and have a sip. There is no cold drink better than coke, Sprite and Beibing Yang.▲ Tap water faucet cold noodle soup, is a unique industrial wind fat house happy Beijing summer long, noodles, is a good food to survive the bitter summer.And when the most passionate fans feel a little cold to eat cold noodles, it’s time to cook a bowl of noodles for Shenqiu.Autumn and winter wind penetrating cold, people are delicious lazy move, eat noodles is also simple, let’s live in soy pot noodles.After a few autumn rains, when the cabbages are out of stock and the heat is not on for a few days, it can save lives.In the past winter, we didn’t have tomatoes. We can cook in a wok with sliced cabbage and meat, onion, ginger and garlic. We want to cook the noodles with soup, which is salty and fresh, and the soup is thick, which is very comfortable to eat.© Old Fan Bone But Beijing cold weather eat noodles, can not do without mutton.Today, mutton blanch is ubiquitous in Beijing, but according to Wang Yuebo, there are three kinds of “blanch” alone. One kind is similar to marinated mutton, and it is also called “mushroom” egg, but eggs are not boiled, and the cooked skin of eggs is cut into strips.The other kind, which is common in the market today, is also the most suitable for eating after autumn, and is fried mutton slices with scallions. This is the season limit that cannot be missed.If you go to eat in summer, you will not be able to enjoy the fresh meat and the good noodles. They are all the old spring Onions that have been saved, tasteless and chewy. You cannot enjoy the sweet meat and spring Onions until the end of autumn and the beginning of winter, when the sheep’s fat is at its thickest and the new spring Onions are off the market.© Tuchu creativity the last one is called “mutton fed cuan noodles”. Feeding is to marinate the mutton slices in advance and “feed” the taste to the mutton with onion, ginger and garlic soy sauce. Before the noodles come out of the pot, pour the mutton into the pot and pull the mutton.This kind is best used mung bean mixed noodles, Beijing used to eat hebei Raoyang production, special small carton bent a small handle.Add sauerkraut, it is mutton sauerkraut hot soup noodles.Before reading the autobiography of Lao She, he said that his family was poor when he was born, so he could only entertain him with this.It looks bad, but in fact it is not: Wang Dunhuang, the son of Wang Shixiang, later worried that he could not eat even if he had money.He recalled that when he was a child, when he bought sauerkraut noodles, he would always ask the salesman for more sauerkraut soup: “This is precious, not a drop of waste, use it to cook noodles, do not add more water, must be original taste.However, sauerkraut has been on the market in Beijing for many years. In recent years, Northeast Chinese cuisine in Beijing has become popular. It is easy to buy sauerkraut and people have recovered it at home, but it has disappeared in restaurants.▲ Wang Dunhuang’s “Eat master” recorded many disappeared Beijing diet sour cabbage mutton noodles fortune-telling good, old Beijing there are many noodles, early into the history of the term: boiled meat left in the soup, plus the pot bottom a little scraps of meat poured on, is “teahouse” rotten meat noodles.There are also poor people who make “salty soup noodles” by mixing pickle soup with water.The rotten noodles like today’s “Fu Ji Sauce pork” have become much more luxurious © Public Comment: Dongdidong has no regrets.Today’s life is good, we do not eat these, on the Jinyang restaurant to eat sliced noodles, Henan Beijing office to a bowl of mutton stewed noodles, find an old halal restaurant, beef noodles plus a small bowl of stewed beef, even in winter, the house heating is hot, very hard to suck a cold soup with ice chips, no one can manage.When winter comes and spring comes, when a new “Beijing noodles Calendar” opens, the first page is still noodles, which means that the cycle of non-stop turning, non-stop looking forward to, a year as long as noodles continuous happiness, back again.[1] Wang Yuebo.Yue Eat yue Happy [OL]. Yuntan APP,2020-2021.[2] Tang Lusun.Noodles with gravy [M]. Sweet and sour, salty, utopia | guangxi normal university press, 2013.7. [3] with younger sister.[4] WANG DUNhuang, Mutton cuan pickled cabbage noodles and mutton Cuan Pickled cabbage soup.Eating master [M]. Life · Reading · New Knowledge Sanlian Bookstore,2012.11.[5] Lao She.[M]. Lao She’s Autobiography, Jiangsu Literature and Art Publishing House,1995.9.1.This article reprints the wechat public number, focusing on the most earth gas food reports, exploring all the exciting food, chicken, duck, fish, cattle and sheep, snacks, wine, sugar and tea have a more in-depth study, but also from time to time to social hot spots for stir-frying chaos stew solution, attention can search wechat signal: Futaojiufenbao, or scan the following TWO-DIMENSIONAL code.Business cooperation please add: XZK96818 please specify nine lines + cooperation matters other cooperation and application to join the travel friends club please hook up with the old artist TravellerStories