Henan mountain scenic spots, here magnificent, colorful, famous world

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There are chaya Mountain, Wanxian Mountain, Yao Mountain, Jigong Mountain, Laojun Mountain, Yuntai Mountain, Songshan Mountain, Mangdang Mountain, Laojie Mountain, Fuxi Mountain, Yunmeng Mountain, Wangwu Mountain, West Jiuhua Mountain, etc.Cha Ya mountain.Chaya Mountain National Geological Park is located in Yanyu Vein of Funiu Mountain west of Suiping County, Henan Province, the main geological scenic spot has Pipa Lake scenic spot, is a typical granite geological landform landscape park.Its tectonics is located in the eastern segment of the southern margin of north China block, qinling orogenic belt.The sequel of Journey to the West was shot in Chaya Mountain of Zhumadian City, Henan Province.Wan town.Xinxiang Wanxian Mountain is a national AAAA scenic spot, national geological park and national forest park. It is a famous leisure resort, summer base, film and television base, sketch base and development training base in China.Geographical location Wanxian Mountain is located in the northwest of Huixian City Taihang Mountain hinterland within the sand kiln township.YaoShan.Yaoshan is characterized by unique peaks, numerous waterfalls, dense forests, excellent hot springs and brilliant cultural landscapes. It is composed of male, dangerous, beautiful, strange and secluded in one. It is divided into ten major parts: Donglingtan, Shifei Jade Chapter, Sankou, White Longtan, Semi-immortal Residence, Stone man, Chicken Crown Stone, White Ox City, Secret cave and hot spring.When traveling in Henan, don’t forget to bring some local specialties home.Recommend Xuchang burning tobacco, Xinyang Maojian, Mengjin pear, Lingbao apple, noble princess apricot, Guangwu pomegranate, Luyi straw hat, Nanyang flower, pan inkstone, Jun porcelain, Ruyang Liu brush, crystal stone, Bian embroidery, Shanan sesame and small mill sesame oil, four cups of medicine.If you want to know more about us, join us