How to change the outdated concept of hometown?

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The article is from wechat official account: Memory bearer.Welcome to read the full article.Talking about women’s football in the past two days, I heard some opinions, some readers shared ideas about some poor and backward areas.Such as son preference, sky-high bride price, and so on.I see the point, but I have no intention of participating in your discussion, because I personally feel that these topics are worthless.You can’t change an area, you can’t change a village, you can’t even change a village head.If a village has existed for more than hundreds of years, it must have the economic model of the family. This economic basis and the local survival mode determine their ideology.You don’t solve the economic base, you don’t change the way people live, you come up and talk about trying to change people’s ideas, do you think it is reasonable?Generally speaking, people who do this kind of unconnected thing have a personal agenda.For example, BIG V caters to the audience and gets traffic, which is called fan economics.Tell me what you want to hear, and when you’re done, he makes money.You always have to make sure that what you buy is an outlet, they provide a public toilet, you go on it, and you hand over the money, that’s all.If you’re looking for a solution in a public toilet, think again.I’m not going to give you a serious analysis of the situation, I’m just trying to stir the mood, that’s all.The second is that you’re doing something untouchable in order to move up the corporate ladder, which is quite common in the workplace.When I worked for Party A more than a decade ago, I liked to talk big.To my brothers I say, look, you take so little money, who takes it?The boss took it. Are you comfortable?Uncomfortable, right?Don’t work well if you’re not feeling well, you won’t work well anyway.Turn head I run before big leader vindicate, you see, brothers complain now, have a problem, how to solve?I have plan one, two, three, four, five ready.Use me. Replace the incumbent with me. I’ll do fine.What happens when there are no problems?How to express yourself?Very simple, there is no problem to create problems, they create their own problems to solve, this is not meritorious work?Firewalls don’t sell well, so write something like that, you know.Why do YOU think I know so much about twists and turns?It’s easy. It’s all left over from the game.Why can I tell you today?Because there is no boss, there is no boss, I do not care, the truth to tell you, to their own harm.You can think what you want. I don’t care. That’s all.From the perspective of analysis, the answer to many questions is obvious, but you are not willing to face.You say change individual destiny, commonly known as change own destiny, have any way?There’s only one way to stand out.”Worldly” have seen, photon piece also week home mixes of compare top, why?Because zhou’s eldest brother took an examination of the North university, but also married their province a handle of the daughter.So in the novel, he gets a rank.There is zhou second home, also admitted to the North University, read a postgraduate, do a professor.To be admitted to Peking University itself means to stand out, and they were admitted in the late 1970s, rare.When zhou’s eldest brother died, sister-in-law remarried, zhou’s third son, that little son immediately understood, Zhou’s miracle in the shantytown of photon piece, came to an end.A family can flourish, no more than out of one or two talents.People go, the road will come to an end.If you could change the fate of the entire shantytown, what would it take?There’s no hope unless it’s demolished.And photon piece this shantytown can not be located in the northeast, but also in shenzhen and other coastal emerging cities.If so, as long as the whole photonic demolition, most residents will be neatly into the middle class.This is the equivalent of going door to door to send a grassroots code farmer, or life.I collect rent. I get tens of thousands of dollars a month.So what if you change the situation of a larger group, say, of all the people in a country?This requires national destiny. If the photonic slice can be demolished as a whole, it is the fate of the city and the fate of the region. If you want to change a larger group, it requires a greater fate.You make several times as much a month washing dishes in America as you do in China. Is it because the dishes are better?No, because the former as a whole is at the top of the global industrial chain.The US can print money to dilute the wealth of the world and suck the wealth of the world so that its workers can earn more washing dishes.It’s as if you were born in a migrant village. It’s not surprising that you didn’t get into college, stand out from your peers and rise into the middle class, because your village as a whole charges rent.So we’re going to upgrade the industry, and we’re going to take a bigger slice of the global pie, so that you can make more washing dishes here than you can in the United States.So how do you change the fate of all of us, that is to say, the fate of mankind?By technological progress ah, science and technology to a big explosion, human material civilization forward a big step.There are a lot of things you can’t do without it.You say your hometown idea is outdated, favor son over daughter, the simplest way is what?It’s about changing yourself.Take an examination of a famous university, read a popular major, go to a big factory, settle down in a big city, problem solved.You are the problem that did not solve your village, village head pillar still lives with emerald green flower below the torment of outdated idea, the problem is, you are extricated.You’re so good, you’re making $350,000 a month, what are you gonna do?If you want to change the mindset of the entire village, you need to change the local economy.For example, when you go to open a local company, you integrate his father and his mother into the industrial chain you have established, becoming a part of the ecology.Not much, but if you can get the average household to make more than $500,000 a year, it’s a huge change in perception.What does it mean to have an average annual household income of more than $500,000?This means that this village is north, guangzhou and Shenzhen, and this village has actually entered the income ranks of developed regions.When they have money, they will go to Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, they will travel around the world, and they will become more and more fashionable, and after a generation or two, you will find that the stale, backward things are gone. Why?Because they’re integrated, they’re integrated into the global commodity system, they’re part of the ecological chain.What’s the use of bickering with village elders if you don’t offer a job that earns more than 500,000 yuan a year?It’s not gonna work. They’re not gonna listen to you, because you’re not gonna deliver, and they don’t know what they’re gonna do.It’s really easy to change a group of people.Create an instant feedback system and make them rich.It’s the best way. It’s the only way that works.You see Internet companies today, you see the computer industry, most of the new college graduates, the new code farmers are from middle class families, which was not the case when I started working a decade ago.At that time, most college graduates were from rural families, and everyone’s ideas were multifarious.What did you say his father taught him?Probably taught him nothing but sheep.And then each one adapted faster than the other. You know why?Because of the money.I’ve never seen a concept that money can’t change, and if it can’t change, it’s not enough money.If you look at most of today’s professional elite, go back twenty years, and there are quite a few of them who are the most ordinary peasant children, who have learned from their parents nothing but bizarre ideas that are of no use at all.Aren’t they integrated into the business society today?Each one is more important than the other. Why?I did. People are malleable.Come in three thousand, it becomes A, five thousand, it becomes A1, ten thousand, it becomes A2, thirty thousand, it becomes A3, fifty thousand, it becomes A4…….Will he not change?He must have changed.You don’t give him money, and you expect him to change. What’s not being a rogue?This shallow truth want to understand, know to change the concept of home is very simple, how to do?Lead villagers to get rich, want to get rich, build roads first, want to change ideas, get rich first.The Internet is full of onlookers, but few are willing to solve the problem.Many of those who come out of backward hometowns look at their former companions with the mentality of showing off what they have done well today.And those who have not experienced this, many of them are holding the mentality of the map shot black to express superiority.Those who are willing to pay to solve the problem may be the most reviled on the Internet.Because giving money and doing things is to be accused of not being good enough, and showing moral superiority is the best deal in the world.Although all of this seems to say a little helpless, but, perhaps, this is life.The article is from wechat official account: Memory bearer.Welcome to read the full article.