Qiaojia County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade on February 3, 2022 real-time road conditions

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1, Zhangqiao Line G352 (original Zhaoqiao Secondary Road Xiaohetang to Xiaoyangbao Bridge stranded vehicles have been dredged.At present, the road ice, in xiaohetang village and laodian town has traffic control, vehicle traffic is prohibited;2, Lufang district Stone pass section, Shuanglongtan section, Lude Pass section, ShangDaqing section road ice, temporarily do not have access to conditions;3. The road conditions of Dazhai District are still affected by snow today. The road from Shaokouzi to Dongping is icy, and the temporary supplementary conditions are available;4, All roads in Mashu district are affected by snow and temperature drop, S206 Mashu to Dahai road road is frozen, temporary traffic conditions are not available;5. All roads in Baogu Nao prefecture are affected by snowfall and temperature drop. The guankouyan road of Shandong Lead Line is not open for traffic at the moment.6. Under the influence of snowfall in dongping Town area, the road of Dongping Shaokouzi section of Dongda Line is frozen, and there are no traffic conditions for the time being;7. The roads of Shanbao Village, Ma ‘an Village, Zhushan Village and Muchang Village under xiaohe district are affected by snow and fall, and the roads are frozen, so the traffic conditions are not available temporarily;8. Roads under the jurisdiction of Yaoshan are affected by snowfall and cooling, so there are no traffic conditions for the time being;Hair double line hair mud village section please observe traffic;9. Sections of villages in Baika Village, Pingzi Village and Youfang Village under Maozong District, as well as sections of Damao Road from Pingzi to Youfang are affected by snowfall and cooling, so traffic conditions are not available for the time being;10. The snow on the roads of Tianxing Village, Paper Factory Village and Baiguozhai Village of Hongshan District has exceeded 10cm, and it is snowing now, so there are no prevailing conditions;12. Laodian Town Area, Daqiao line Sea Village to Dayandong section;Lu Lead line leadchang village to Tangjia Songlin road section of ice, temporary no traffic conditions;Qiaojia county area more than 1600 meters of road continues to snow, the temperature continues to drop, the road ice does not have access to conditions, in order to prevent traffic accidents, to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers, the road traffic management department will take temporary traffic control measures.Qiao home public security traffic police brigade to remind the majority of car friends: travel please plan travel time and route in advance, to avoid travel inconvenience due to temporary road traffic control.Collateral Casualty: 110, 122, 0870-712216515750105517 (Little River Pond Squadron)