Suqian tiger year the first snow, full of vitality to start work

2022-06-21 0 By

The holiday is always so short, unconsciously, today is the beginning of work.Let us suqian small partner comfort is, the weather jun owe suqian snow!As soon as you go out, you take a picture.Let’s have a look at the snow report.As of 8 o ‘clock this morning, the snow in the urban area was 0.8 mm with a depth of 1 cm, while that in Siyang County was 0.9 mm with a depth of 1 cm, and that in Sihong County was 2.4 mm with a depth of 4 cm. There was no snow in Shuyang County.The reporter learned from the weather department of Suqian city, today during the day to the night overcast with small to medium snow, northeast to north wind 2 to 3, today’s highest temperature of 4℃, tomorrow morning the lowest temperature of -4℃, there is frozen.The snow is coming!It’s time for us to gear up and move forward together.In the New Year, may you work hard, be brave, and be hopeful.(Reporter Wang Yan-shen correspondent Wei Qiyuan)