The launch ceremony of “personnel intimate Service System Project” in Guilin was successfully held

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On January 24th, the launch ceremony of “talents intimate Service System Project” in Guilin was held in Guilin Financial Building, which was sponsored by the Organization Department of CPC Guilin Municipal Committee, guilin Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and undertaken by Guilin Human Resources Service Center and Guilin Bank.This activity to “GUI have you, gather into the forest” as the theme, the launch of a new talent intimate service project, aimed at creating a good environment of respect for talent, love talent, attract all levels of talent into Guilin, rooted in Guilin, for Guilin to build a world-class tourist city to provide a solid talent support.Municipal Standing Committee, Organization Department minister Zhao Weidong attended the event.Also participating in the activity were representatives of all kinds of experts and talents in Guilin, representatives of human resource service cooperation units, representatives of various counties (cities, districts) and related enterprises and institutions.Figure 1: Guilin Municipal Party Committee standing Committee, Organization Department minister Zhao Weidong speech for the activity Figure 2: Guilin expert talent representative speech Guilin talent WORK IP officially debut, shaping the work brand image that day, officially released Guilin talent work IP image and Guilin talent LOGO.Learned, guilin talent work IP image called “small laurel, flower”, “flower” design inspiration originates from guilin, osmanthus flowers, blend in guilin landscape features to build at the same time, is not only a visual image, two IP work also carry the brand connotation, with famous in the world the significance of the guilin landscape introductions sifang talent for talk.The Guilin talent LOGO is based on the initial letter of Guilin “G” as the prototype for creation.The whole is composed of two elements: the talent form of happy dancing and embracing the future, and the xiangshan mountain, the emblem of Guilin city, which implies the joy of talents taking root in Guilin and working in peace and contentment. It also reflects the beautiful vision of Guilin opening its arms and inviting talents to build a world-class tourist city.Guilin will carry out brand publicity of city talent introduction in a more practical and diversified form, extend IP image cultural and creative design, expand communication scenes, and better spread the “voice of love talent” of Guilin at home and abroad in a way that is more popular with young people.Figure 3: Guilin talent work IP image Figure 4: Guilin talent work LOGO focus on talent service to add code, matrix service to upgrade in 2020, Guilin officially launched the “talent intimate service system project”, is committed to creating a good environment for talent to attract, stay.This activity is to “build talent service brand, increase the talent to stay in Guangxi courtesy, show the talent development environment” as the focus, to achieve “Guilin talent intimate service system engineering” code, upgrade again.The “Guilin Talent Card” is launched online, as an important carrier of integrated services for high-level talents in Guilin and an honor certificate reflecting talent care and courtesy, which effectively integrates the service functions of leisure tourism, convenient travel, living consumption and so on, and provides tailored service programs for talents.Open the talent medical care service channel jointly with 13 medical service institutions in the city.Innovative development of mortgage-free, guaranty-free, maximum 5-year credit term, up to 5 million yuan “talent loan” exclusive financial services, to further create a social atmosphere of respect and love talent, enhance the sense of talent acquisition.Figure 5: city leaders awarded talent on behalf of the first batch of guilin municipal committee, organization department minister of person of outstanding ability wei-dong zhao emphasized that the talent intimate service project of the new release, is the city to promote talent environment and optimize, improve talent achievement clerkstarts vivid practice, but also for our city to build world-class tourist city provide strong intellectual support effective path.In the next step, we should continue to implement the talent concept of inclusiveness and access, promote the development idea of being the first, explore effective ways to improve the quality of service, highlight the positive attitude of Seeking talents and recruiting talents in an all-round way, and promote the implementation of talent policy.Show the good image of Guilin respecting and loving talents, gathering talents and using talents, and promote the improvement of talent service;To create a first-class ecological environment in which people fully utilize their talents and realize further breakthroughs in local development.At the scene of the event, 10 talent service cooperation units were also awarded “close talent service logo”, the representatives of the cooperation units made a commitment to provide high-quality talent service efficiently, and issued a proposal to the whole society, and jointly build a good talent ecology in Guilin with all walks of life.Figure 6: to hr service cooperation units awarded the “talent intimate service identification” the business circle type “wisdom talent service Angle” the day of the event, synchronous held guilin “wisdom talent service Angle” opening, marked the our city in the business circle of type “wisdom talent service Angle” in guilin in guangxi wanda, high wanda, fold wanda synchronization is enabled.Figure 7:According to the introduction, “Smart Talent Service Corner” is the first business district-style talent self-service platform built and operated by Guilin Talent Network under the guidance of the Organization Department of Guilin Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau.To unit of choose and employ persons and individual policy information provided a key to “query”, service integration “bid”, personnel activities propaganda “one stop”, “step docking” and other diversified employment recruitment, intelligent service, realize the effective connection of public service and wisdom business circle, create immersive, experiential, interactive services, is committed to improve the level of hr service facilitation and wisdom.Figure 8:Guilin talent intimate service systems engineering release and “wisdom talent service Angle” opening ceremony next, guilin will be firmly established the idea of “human resource is the first resource”, within the scope of the city’s more vigorously to build “respect knowledge, respect talent, respect for labor, respect creation” of the social atmosphere, provide talents to the city to achieve your ideal, the high quality service guarantee,Invite talents from all sides to build Guilin into a world-class tourist city.