The world: Hao Dongmei parents ungrateful?They just want the Chows to get it right

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Dong-mei hao in the TV series in the world and ping-i Chou marriage, gradually into the embarrassing situation, the gap between two families because of objective ping-i Chou or dong-mei hao is sandwiched between two very difficult, because two people love each other, so want to think of each other, the result is because of a variety of intentional, unintentional, let two people’s emotion to the embarrassment of atmosphere.Intuitively, we should not understand Hao Dongmei’s parents, although they are higher status, but they do show that they do not want to deal with the zhou family, the poor in-laws.In contrast, Zhou Zhigang will be a lot of sensible, he has never taken the initiative to see his in-laws, as he said, if the two can walk normally is good, if it is not convenient between each other, then it is better to continue to be a stranger, in-laws are not necessarily close to walk.In fact, “The World” hao Dongmei’s parents act, at first glance too unconscionable, after all, when they are down and out, without The care of Zhou Bingyi, Hao Dongmei may not have the courage to live, the Hao family is supposed to owe the Zhou family.But from the Hao family to CAI Xiaoguang affairs, hao’s attitude towards the Zhou family is different, there is a kind of anxious not to meet in this life posture, we look at all bored, think they are ungrateful.In contrast, Hao Dongmei’s father solved his wife’s hukou problem for his security guards, while Zhou’s family only asked for one thing, that is to help CAI Xiaoguang go to college. In fact, CAI Xiaoguang’s matter was in line with the principle process, maybe the former is some use of power.When it was not enough, Hao Dongmei’s mother clearly told her daughter that there would be no similar things in the future, and she was extremely angry.Superficially, this is the Hao family can not afford to see the zhou family?Ping-i Chou in it in it’s hard to do, but actually otherwise, dong-mei hao’s mother has taken the words very terrible, but dong-mei hao did not understand, more not by ping-i Chou told weeks home, hao’s parents not despise zhou family, more is not shun, but do not want another xiao-guang CAI such kind of thing happen, even xiao-guang CAI in college, no big deal.First to say that “there is no paradise on earth” dong-mei hao did parents out of position, and with some pride, should be there is some, but it is not a means, as ping-i Chou says so, it is caused by the gap between two families objective, is to eliminate, the more want to narrow or to cover the gap, will only make the zhou family increasingly aware that the existence of the gap.CAI Xiaoguang things done, Hao Dongmei’s mother and Hao Dongmei said, not for example, Zhou Bingyi also said, this thing is right, but the channel is wrong, should not find Hao Dongmei’s father, or Zhou Bingyi see clearly.Zhou Bingyi understood this truth after the event, although Hao Dongmei’s parents never took the initiative to see the in-laws, but if the zhou family something, they can help or will help, but they will never help the zhou family similar to CAI Xiaoguang things.This measure, Hao Dongmei’s parents hope zhou’s family know.Because CAI Xiaoguang things are really not big, but Hao Dongmei’s father a word of things, movement can be too big, CAI Xiaoguang wishes to go to university, but after the event everyone is meng ah, they will secretly investigate, who is CAI Xiaoguang ah, let Hao Dongmei’s father personally play, this movement is too big.But when everyone knows that CAI Xiaoguang is just a friend of Hao Dongmei’s lover’s sister, the relationship is frankly irrelevant, Hao Dongmei’s father for such a person personally appeared to help, will let others feel inexplicable, and even to its gossip.In The world, Hao Dongmei’s parents worry that if they get too close to the Zhou family, more and more things like CAI Xiaoguang will happen. Should Hao Dongmei’s father do it or not?Don’t do, zhou home there can not say past, do more, Hao Dongmei’s father will inevitably attract a lot of unnecessary trouble.In simple terms, dong-mei hao week of parents not don’t want to close to home, but what do they hope weeks family don’t trivial things to look for them, and hold good this measure, in fact, the two get along together is much more relaxed, ping-i Chou is understand this truth, so he didn’t say, things do, but the channel is wrong, it was obvious that he got it.Understanding these, you will understand, Hao Dongmei’s parents are not so ungrateful, dislike the Zhou family, they want to get along with the two families, a good control of the line, but both sides of the line, then Hao Dongmei’s father also said Zhou Bingyi has the potential for politics?That is, Zhou bingyi too know how to treat people of different identities, the need to take different measures.