Will earth turn into a fireball of lava tomorrow

2022-06-21 0 By

If we do not take care of the environment, our earth may become a fireball, lava sea.Many people think that the seven continents are solid and rigid.In fact, our continents, also only 30 percent of the earth’s area, 70 percent of the ocean.But beneath this thin continent and thin pool there was another ocean, and who knows what it was?This is the lava ocean that makes up 99 percent of the earth, and the continental structure is just a piece of paper on top of the lava ocean, like a bamboo raft on top of the lava ocean.There are a lot of holes in the middle of the raft and in the middle of the raft and in the middle of the raft, and if you’re not careful, the water of the lava sea can come up and form small volcanoes, big volcanoes, or supervolcanoes that cause mantle plumes.We do not take good care of the earth, continue to emit carbon dioxide, the Earth, carbon dioxide greenhouse effect combined with the methane super greenhouse effect of flammable ice, may ignite the earth again, volcanic earthquakes frequent.Under the fury of the earth’s lava sea, our great crust is just a small bamboo raft that can be knocked over at will.In severe cases, the earth could return to a melting state, the way the earth started, with all the oceans evaporating, turning into water vapor that would fill the earth, causing super tornadoes, or thousands of years of continuous rain, and returning to hellish mode.Every time the mass extinction, or such, super volcanoes and earthquakes, either easily snowball frozen earth of hundreds of millions of years, either by an asteroid, or was hit by a gamma-ray, in time of peace prepare for war, don’t assume that temporary crowing, don’t forget that the universe of nature are ambitious, eyeing.Maybe Musk is the one who, when everyone is drunk and I wake up alone, gives humanity a way out on Mars, then we have to leave ourselves a way out, which could be the sea of stars.