40 years ago, when a club member was killed, a good friend always showed up at the scene of investigation, causing the police to suspect him

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Be careful not to neglect others or harm others.This sentence may be heard by everyone, but for its meaning, many people do not know.Because it is aptly based on one thing, and that is the human heart.The so-called people are terrible, the heart is complex unfathomable.Sometimes some people were hurt, the murderer turned out to be the pillow, the people around.In the 1980s, when a club member was killed, his best friend was always on the scene.This action attracted the attention of the police, which then led to a spectacular conspiracy. What happened?The murder case of the members of anjing Mountain Village took place in November of the 1980s, in liaodong region of northeast China.This day because just a few days ago under the end of the month, the village surface white wrapped, looks very beautiful.At this time, there was a man in a hurry in the village.The man, Lu World Bank, was a native of the village.The reason why he walked in such a hurry was that his elder brother, Lu Tao, had disappeared.Four days ago, he wanted to go to his brother’s house to discuss something with him.But when I got there, I found the door of my brother’s house closed.He thought his eldest brother had gone out on business, and when he came back today, he found his brother’s house still locked.Lv Bank just wanted to turn around and walk, but the more he thought, the more he felt wrong.Brother because of leg disability, so usually basically do not go out, and the longest time, but a day or so.Lv World Bank is hesitant at the door of the time, suddenly someone shouted, village west head of the well found a male body.Lv World Bank immediately feel wrong, hurriedly stride to well direction run.When lv World Bank arrived, the body was just salvaged by the villagers, Lv World Bank fixed eyes on a look, that man is his brother Lv Tao.Lu immediately collapsed to the ground, and shortly after the police arrived at the scene.A forensic examination of Lu tao’s body found that he had been struck several times on the head with a blunt object, which was the cause of lu tao’s fatal injuries.After examining the body, the police came to Lu tao’s house.Breaking the lock on the door, the police went to the bedroom and found a pool of blood on the floor.Through comparison, the blood was identified as that of the deceased Lu Tao.The police then went through Lu tao’s home and found everything in order without any signs of a struggle.But in the hall, the police found a very important thing, that is, a plate of peanuts on the table, and two bowls and chopsticks.The truth is so complicated that it can be seen from this that Lu Tao had a conversation with a good friend on the night of his death, and the most important thing is that, judging from the traces of fighting at the scene, Lu Tao was absolutely suppressed and did not resist very violently.Through the cooperation of lv World Bank, the police preliminarily identified the suspect, that is the same village wang mou, and his husband Li Mou.According to Lu, his elder brother lu Tao’s wife divorced him because of his physical disability, and their children did not follow him.At last the elder brother stayed at home and earned his living by doing carpentry work such as furniture for others.Relying on this craft, my brother has made a lot of money in the last two years.But in the last two years, the elder brother did a shameful thing, that is, he hooked up with Wang privately.Wang mou’s husband Li mou will go out to work every year, Wang Mou all day at home doing nothing.And Lv Tao as early as last year, because wang mou home to do work, so Wang mou often come to Lv Tao home.But for a long time, Wang’s home has not worked, or often in lv Tao’s home.So village people all know, this Wang mou and Lv Tao should be what improper relationship.By this year, the husband must have known about the affair, and Li had returned to the village a week earlier, just four days before Lu tao died.So in terms of motive and time, Li may have killed Lv Tao in a fit of rage because of emotional matters.And because li mou works in the outside all the year round, so said the figure is stronger, but also more consistent with the crime of the object.The police decided to summon Li mou first, determine whether Li mou has relations with this murder case.After li mou came to the police station, the police asked why he came back to this matter, Li mou said because his brother has something to do, he just came back.And he was at his brother’s house all day, so the brother can give him an alibi.The results confirmed that Li was not in the village that day, he had been helping his brother at home, never left.Things here into a deadlock, when the police can not touch the clue, a person’s unusual move caused the police suspect.Every time the police survey a crime scene, one man stands nervously outside: Liu Xingguo, lu Tao’s close friend.When Lu Tao’s body was fished out of the well, Liu Xingguo hurried to the scene.While the police collected evidence at Lu tao’s home, Liu xingguo was waiting outside, and Liu had communicated with the police.Liu xingguo asked the police if they had found anything.At that time, the police thought this was a friend’s concern, but now it seems that Liu Xingguo is guilty.Since Liu xingguo is now suspected, the police decided to summon him first.As a result, when Liu Xingguo came to the interrogation room, he was more and more nervous, sweat beads kept falling from his forehead.Looking at Liu xingguo’s nervous appearance, the police became more and more convinced that there must be something wrong with him.After Liu xingguo sat down, the policeman just wanted to ask questions.Unexpectedly, Liu xingguo opened his mouth and said he would do anything.Then Liu Xingguo spoke out about the dispute and contradiction between him and Lu Tao.Liu Xingguo is lu Tao’s neighbor village and they have been very good friends since childhood.Even when things went wrong behind Lu Tao, Liu xingguo was still kind to him, and often came to his home to help him because he could not move easily.Last year, Liu xingguo, already in his thirties, found a wife through a blind date and discussed getting married this year.But when he saw that he did not have enough money, Liu asked Lu Tao to lend him some money.Lv Tao had some savings because he was alone and saw that carpentry paid well.But when Liu Xingguo asked Lu Tao to lend him a loan, he promised to lend him 5,000 yuan.But a few days ago, when he asked for the money, Lu tao said that he had no money. Why didn’t he tell him? This made Liu a little angry.Thinking of his kindness to Lv Tao, he made fun of himself.So four days ago, Liu xingguo drank a little wine and went to Lu Tao’s house.He then went on to tell Lu Tao that he must give him the money today, or Liu Xingguo would kill him.But Lu Tao said he would not have done it even if he had been killed.Liu got angry and hit Lu on the head with a stick, then hit him several more times.When Lu Tao died down, Liu xingguo knew he was in trouble.So Liu disposed of everything at the scene and dumped Lu Tao in the well. When he was finished, he returned to the scene to see if he could find any clues about himself while the police investigated.To Liu xingguo’s surprise, it was his caution that led him to betray himself.Liu xingguo was sentenced to death for intentional homicide.