Ant wealth is committed to making financial management easier by launching “investment and education + online investment and customer service”

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In recent years, the wealth accumulation of Chinese families has increased rapidly, and the demand for wealth management has become increasingly diversified, and financial management has become the choice of people.At the same time, with the increasingly mature Internet technology, online financial management has gradually become a new trend, and more and more people hope to increase their “after-sleep income” through rational allocation of assets.Among many online financial platforms, Ant Wealth has become one of the most popular investment platforms in the current market by virtue of its advantages of low investment threshold, simple and flexible operation and numerous financial types.It is reported that Ant Wealth, which is committed to making financial management easier, has opened functions such as discovery, video, information and discussion area to facilitate users to obtain financial knowledge, and also opened financial live broadcasting to bring more financial knowledge to users in this novel and efficient form.In addition to online services such as financial broadcasting and financial column, Ant Wealth also opened a national investment and education base to better serve investors. In 2020, Ant Wealth was officially awarded the license by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).Ant Wealth also uses the power of advanced technology to make users invest more rationally.For example, one third of the monthly users of zhixiaobao, an intelligent financial assistant robot, ask special questions. Users can use Zhixiaobao to learn financial knowledge, obtain market conditions and help in income analysis.In the popular fund zone, Ant Wealth launched the fund investment service “Bang You Invest” in April 2020, providing users with fully entrusted asset management services such as base selection, allocation and position adjustment.”Help you invest” was launched by Vanguard Investment Consulting co – incubated by Ant Group and Vanguard, which was the first independent fund investment consulting organization approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC).As of June 2021, the accumulative number of users of “Bang You Investment” has grown to 2 million, providing the fund investment service with the largest number of users in the industry.KPMG and Vanguard Navigator jointly released the China Fund Investment Blue Book 2022 (the Blue Book) on January 25, based on the results of a survey of more than 3,000 clients from traditional and independent fund investment platforms.”Blue Book” on the current Chinese fund investment customer customer in-depth research, and from the customer portrait, investment ability, investment mind, investment demand, investment evaluation of the five aspects of customer cognition level.From the point of comprehensive research results, the first Chinese fund interest client group has a certain brand of The Times: married ratio is extremely high, but compared with Europe and the United States, in typical Chinese style “4-2-2” family structure, which needs not only for their own retirement pension, health care, such as planning, still need to face family expenses, supporting the elderly, parenting burden and pressure, etc.And the fund investment service represented by “help you invest” is likely to become an important solution to help these people solve their wealth anxiety and achieve long-term wealth appreciation.”Blue Book” pointed out that how to build the fund investment service with Chinese characteristics, forward-looking establishment of corresponding capacity, to achieve sustainable and high-quality development of investment service, is the topic of common thinking of the fund industry and wealth management industry, and it needs the joint efforts of all links on the industry ecological chain.On the one hand, we need to understand the underlying needs of customers, and on the other hand, we need to guide and educate customers’ investment preferences.This is a two-way flow of clients and institutions.Through long-term interaction and running-in between institutions and investors, a development path with Chinese characteristics has been developed.