Mengzi city took hard measures to optimize the business environment

2022-06-22 0 By

Since the honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture launched the discussion activity of “Taking responsibility and doing Solid work, Striving to Leapfrog first” in December last year, Mengzi City has taken swift action and taken the initiative to establish a coordination mechanism led by the Party Committee, led by the government, government and enterprises, industrial alliance and financial support.We will focus on the “12354” approach to improve the business environment, break new thinking, create new mechanisms, and build institutions. We will use ideas to break ice and promote innovation, launch a campaign to improve the business environment, and take hard measures to build a soft environment.Mengzi city set up a special action leading group to optimize the business environment, led by the party secretary and the mayor.The city of 31 teams led by the municipal “cover ShangFu” team captain, exploring for the municipal leading industry, association (chamber of commerce), functions of the project, contact service enterprise business services group to visit mechanism for them, to the traditional way of working in the service enterprise zero distance, implementing flating management, parallel examination and approval of government affairs service process.Up to now, municipal leaders and the Mongolian Commercial Office have held 11 special dispatching meetings, held one government-enterprise meeting, visited 341 enterprises and collected 272 enterprises’ appeals.Combined with the establishment of model organs in Mengzi, the city organized and mobilized the majority of Party members and cadres to take responsibility in industrial cultivation, investment and business environment construction, further gave full play to the advantages of the Party building alliance organization, and carried out the practice activities of “I do practical things for the masses” regularly.The city encouraged Party members and cadres at all levels to take the lead in practicing the front-line work law, wear uniform signs and show their identities, and become business observers, business deliverymen and Party construction instructors, so as to be the main force in optimizing the business environment.According to the work idea of “12354”, which includes specifying one goal, establishing two institutions, establishing three mechanisms, implementing five key tasks and strengthening the four guarantees, Mengzi City has set up a special office of “Mongolian Commercial Office”, which has four powers of gathering, delegating, discretion and accountability, and closely focuses on the demands and appeals of various market subjects.In overall planning, the government has assigned a batch of projects to the first line, centralized handling of a batch of projects, and overall planning of a batch of projects to be assigned and implemented, establishing a closed-loop project management procedure in which the government turns around enterprises and enterprises immediately handle emergencies.At present, the city has closed the closed loop sales enterprises of all kinds of problems 188, is planning to deal with 84.By party committee, government, financial institutions and companies from, mengzi, gradually formed the party committee, government policy, the bank has a bear, big companies honest business environment landscape, focusing on government affairs, elements, the rule of law, market and human environment construction of the five key, innovation to build a “do not forget the window” “pay to start” “make the room/card” “LingZhao opening” and other works,To provide all-round services for market players and help enterprises to develop worry-free.Today, a good atmosphere of business environment for everyone, business image for everyone and business responsibility has been quietly formed. The upgrading of business environment is revitalizing the centennial spirit of Mengzi and enhancing the first degree of salary continuity.(Yunnan Daily reporter Rao Yong correspondent Yang Xueliang Ma Jun Er Bin/Photo)